All You Need To Know About the All New : Windows 8

So, the moment is finally here which we’ve all been talking and waiting for. Finally, its Windows 8 time. Microsoft officially announced their new operating system named Windows 8 and here at thecopypasteblog, I am bringing you all the latest news, information, pictures and download links of Windows 8 right on your screen. Its going to be another sensation and I am sure, you guys are going to enjoy it.

Screenshots of Windows 8






Key Features

  1. Windows 8 only takes about 210 MB of RAM to run at its base level, apparently.
  2. The tablet interface is a tile interface. Think Windows Phone 7.
  3. Logging in with Windows Live will get you all of your settings on another Windows 8 device.
  4. You can use it with touch or with keyboard and mouse. No compromises with tablet vs. pcs.
  5. Metro-style apps. You can use whatever language you want, basically, to write your apps.
  6. You can use the WinRT APIs to build your apps in C, C++, C#, VB, JavaScript, etc.
  7. Image search is rather elegant on Windows 8
  8. The personalized app store dedicated to Windows 8.
  9. Windows 8 security: built-in to Defender. Detects malicious software.
  10. Graphics have been improved in Windows 8.
  11. Windows 8 tablets have 3G.
  12. The new and improved Windows 8 task manager.
  13. You can refresh your PC and basically reset its performance.
  14. Accessibility: it has easy zoom and ease of access settings.
  15. The new Internet Explorer 10 designed for Windows 8.
  16. New options for multiple monitors: you can put different apps on different taskbars on different monitors.
  17. You can connect devices together through Windows Live. You can actually browse photos from your other PCs.
  18. Windows phone 7 integration with Windows 8.
  19. A beautiful looking BSOD.

Where to Download Windows 8?

Well, the officials have said that the download of Windows 8 will be available on from 13th Sept., 8PM PST from over 400 million seeds. So, get ready to download your RTM copy which will require no activation, will have no support but will have access to all the future updates they will be rolling out before the final launch.

There is no official date has been announced for the final version launch from the Microsoft but I think its months away as they will be releasing many beta versions before the final launch.

Well, that was just a quick post from me about the all new Windows 8, I will be bringing you more insights on this in upcoming days for sure. Till then, download and test it up! cheers.


  1. Point 9 : Detects malicious hardware. ?

    Add point 19. A beautiful BSOD 😛


    1. it will work but it will not support Metro UI applications . . so you better don’t install


  2. Hello Rahul Plz. Bro help me I have 2 ques and thought to ask you because you have nice experience in blogging.Plz. Respond as soon as possible Plz…….

    My first ques is when I type in google thecopypasteblog then i get your photo left to your blog .How can i have also like that of you .Not only your blog but many like have photo paste left in serch engine -google?How plz tell

    My second ques. I dont know if u have experience with blogger in past ..I want to add sub title background like in this post for Windows post and Where to download windows 8 .We see a blue background Its stylish .Can we add it in blogger????If yes then how ?If not then How you add it in wordpress plz tell becoz i have no exp. with wordpress Plz. Help Buddy.

    Thankyou in advance




    1. hey Azit,

      I think that author image you see is because I’ve verified myself as an author of this blog and I think even you can do that for your blog as well 🙂 Just google it and you will get the link as I’m not sure with which link I completed this process.

      I think blogger can be customized, though I have not used blogger as a blogging platform ever, I have less idea about it 🙂



    1. touch features doesn’t work if you don’t have touch screen 🙂 as simple as that!


  3. Well, I agree, this version of Windows looks great. I especially like that it only takes about 210 MB of RAM, that's a great plus. But I won't install till the first Service Pack comes out. I remember my experience with Win Vista. There were so meny bugs in the first version that it was impossible to work with it. So I'll wait a bit.


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