Welcome! The Copy Paste Blog’s First Post

Hello ! and welcome to a newly created blog in tech. world ! This site cum blog is all about news related to technology, softwares, games, social media, mobile technology, multimedia, tips and tricks related to pc and mobiles, hacking and lots more.
As i write my first post here, i would like to thank my own family and all those bloggers who have helped me and shared some of the techniques to improve the quality of the site.

I’m Rahul banker. A 20 year old Computer Engineering student from Gujarat, India. I am a tech addicted and a full time internet user.

As it is my first post on my site, i would like to have your comments on this blog and your feedback about my site and do leave a comment if you need any help from me.
I am looking for authors who can write for us, if you are interested then please feel free to fill up the “contact us” form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

so friends, keep visiting and keep supporting my site because your encouragement will help me to come up with some more new things.



  1. Great Work maannn. . . .
    I like your COPYPASTE. . . .!!!!!!

    Good Continue. . . like this. . .!!!!!


  2. keep up the good work bhaarat guy,i miss u dude :]


    1. yup you m’tian….i miss you too 😛 whatta fun we had in the school 🙁


  3. good,

    I am happy that valia students have vision to do distinct task..

    keep growing..


  4. I like frost glass background! 🙂
    RSS,twitter,facebook,etc add accessibility.
    The contents are very interesting…better check on ur site than go to msn home,lol
    btw,y is it that u disabled right click? :S
    But overall,nice site,seems to have taken a great amount of work! 😀


    1. thanks man !! great comments 🙂 but ya…for the right click issue….its just because of security reasons…but if you need any article posted here..you can always contact me anytime 🙂
      have a happy new year 🙂


  5. Cool page bro..keep it up….Vivek..cheers…..


      1. cool yar keep it up…
        wish u all the best


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