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fifa Just some last few hours remaining before the FIFA world cup kicks off and as usual I am back here to give you some live streaming links to watch it live if because of some reasons you will not be able to watch it on your TV. All links provided below are not any affiliate links so feel free to click on any of the links you like and they all will be providing you live streaming of the matches when played. Enjoy !

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Before I list down the links to watch live matches of FIFA, I would like to show you the official FIFA video released by Shakira. The name of the video is Waka Waka.

So now. First thing first ! There will be an opening ceremony before the FIFA world cup kicks off and this ceremony will be telecasted live on VEVO ! VEVO is the name of the organizing concert of FIFA opening ceremony where many of the superstars like Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, K’NAAN, Shakira, etc will be performing. So it is going to be a huge one ! Don’t dare missing it !

The best link to watch the opening ceremony is to follow the link given below : 

Another link to watch this ceremony live is here.

Now Below is the list of all those sites which are providing you the live streaming of the FIFA world cup 2010. So, Enjoy !

The Best links

  1. From Sport
  2., Opening ceremony
  3. MyP2P

More Links

  1. TV Bunch
  2. Ustream
  3. FirstRow
  4. ESPN3

Above links will be providing you free of cost live streaming so that you don’t miss your favorite team in action ! Below in the Download section, I am providing you the schedule, official song downloads if you have missed them in my previous post

Download Section

  1. Official Schedule (pdf)
  2. Official Schedule (png)
  3. FIFA Official song (by K’NAAN – wavin’ flag)
  4. FIFA Official song (by SHAKIRA – Waka Waka)

I hope you have enjoyed my article and its contents ! Enjoy the FIFA FEVER and just let me know WHICH TEAM ARE YOU SUPPORTING ? by leaving a comment below !


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