Top 8 ways to Generate SEO Optimized Content

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is term that is used to collectively represent techniques that increase a webpage’s visibility and ranking in search results. Such techniques take into account the way in which a search engine runs and ranks content depending on relevancy and keywords. Such techniques give web developers a competitive edge on rivals and ensure their WebPages a top place in search engine rankings. There are a lot of SEO companies that design websites for potential clients and charge a fee for their services. Some easy ways in generating SEO optimized content are as follows:


Attractive Marketing Plan:

It is important to have a sound understanding of what the website is to be about, and then coming up with an effective marketing strategy that will not fail to attract visitors. There are many WebPages on similar topics over the internet, and making your site stand out from among a hundred others is what SEO aims towards. Using catchy phrases and humor will also attract visitors.

Good and Functional Design:

Nobody wants to view a dull and boring website, thus it is just as important to design a website that is pleasing to the eye. Having a good looking website along with optimized content is an added plus point, since it ensures visitors will recommend it to others as well.

Keyword Density:

It is important to keep a check on keyword density; care should that the content is not over saturated with them. A recommended density of 5-7% major keywords is acceptable; any more would make the content appear artificial, satisfying the word count but lacking in any useful information.

Unique Content:

It is always good to employ writers that are aware of SEO techniques and thus provide error free, high quality content that is free from plagiarism. The content should be well thought out, providing all necessary information in a nut shell.


It is essential for any new website to first gain recognition in local search engines before it can hope to compete in the big players like Yahoo and Google. It is recommended to have a 75% focus on local SEO because it is a lot less competitive and usually has the highest conversion rate.

Pounce or Bounce:

It is necessary to study competitors and their marketing strategies, adopting what works and exposing competitor weaknesses is a great way to score points.

Increasing Prominence:

Prominence of a webpage can be increased dramatically by cross linking, regularly updating content also helps keeping the webpage fresh and keeps search engines crawling back frequently which in turn helps ranking.

Social Media Bait:

In recent times, ploys on rapidly accepted social media like Twitter and Facebook have also helped a great deal in SEO optimization. Information spreads very rapidly on social media and hence your site will get tons of backlinks and social signals that directly impact search engine rankings. Posting contests, discounts and promotions on such sites gives instantaneous response.

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