Are You Thinking Too Much About SEO?

Believe it or not, it is not your fault at all while everyone around you is shouting about SEO, sharing their stories and strategies. There has been a lot of books, articles and even websites dedicated to this topic and why not? So after having so much of buzz about SEO, it’s obvious for you to take it seriously and that’s why, you’re not the one to blame if you’re over thinking about SEO!

So well, I am not here to tell you that thinking of SEO for your website doesn’t make sense at all or all that crap. I am not going to tell you SEO is not important at all but I am here to say that no doubt SEO is important tool but not the most important tool for your website to get traffic. There are some single minded bloggers I see who are always looking for SEO tips to optimize and improve their rankings but to me, that is just a thing which makes me downright unproductive.


How Far SEO can take your site?

I agree, Search engine is the best way to get some awesome eyeballs to your site but there’s one thing to notice is that SEO can hardly make them turn into your regular readers or followers. SEO is a great way of making money though as people sell sponsored posts and backlinks to gain or increase their pagerank and yes, it makes you a hell lot of money.

But unfortunately, selling backlinks to increase pagerank is now a dying business model because of a few recent algorithm updates by search engine giant. Hence, even those die-hard link sellers are now moving on to find new ways of making money and monetize their blogs.

So its upto you to decide what you want? It’s all about followers to me and often I see people gaining top ranks for their keywords but completely neglecting the other part i.e producing the content people actually give a shit about!

What One Should Think About, If Not SEO?

Call me old fashioned but I’d still say, it’s the content. It’s the content one should try to optimize as much as they can. Quality content is far less effective than search engine optimization but in the longer run, I see quality content winning the race. Because, dedicated followers will stick around even when Google releases the new Octopus Update, or whatever, and blows all your hard SEO work back to zero.

Focus on making your website awesome: quality articles, a decent web design, strong social media presence. Show your readers you value them, invite them to stick around. All of these things will do way more to contribute to the success of your blog in the long term.

For me, I’m the living proof. Nowadays I hardly look into SEO thing (Well I hardly write articles too :P) but whatever I write, I make sure it’s of top notch quality and that gives me an edge.

I’m not saying you should give up your efforts entirely- but assess what’s really important to the long term growth and success of your blog. And relax! Cheers, until the next time 🙂

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  1. I agree that content is king. Establishing a group of loyal followers will always be a challenge if you don't have great articles that you are sharing. SEO used correctly can help bring people to that great content. Thanks for the article. -Brad, AIM


  2. Great post, I think for this reason it is important that you are passionate about what you do (where you work), because people who love what they do create great content.


  3. After long time, came back to your blog, feeling 😀

    Recently, I had just started writing great content on one of my new blog, and I hadn't given a single F**k about SEO. And the very next day, the article grabbed 1st place for that topic on Google. So, it's fairly simple, write great content, Google will automatically rank you higher, and yeah completely agree with you "SEO is not for long term."
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