TheCopyPasteBlog Monthly Traffic Repot | March 2011

Hey everyone! Wassup and how are you all doing? If you’re in India then I’m sure you’re happy because of the Cricket world cup and let me know your mood if you’re anywhere outside India but I at least hope that you’re smiling and I have contributed to that smile up to a small extent! Anyway, I’m here with my monthly traffic report with an awesome traffic month once again! Sharing it with love to you all because it’s all made by you, readers!

As you might know, I never reveal what my targets are but now that they’re already achieved, I would say that I was expecting 55k visits with 90k page views for March 2011 but it went way above my expectation and hit 59k+ visits with 93k+ page views! Thank you everyone for keeping it growing all the time.

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Traffic Stats

thecopypasteblog monthly traffic report march 2011

As I analyze the above shown analytics, I must say that I have successfully managed to keep the traffic maintained for the first 25 days of the month and after that, it has started increasing, the big rise you see on 30th March was because of one of my world cup article going viral but I am pretty much sure that it will be the same for the April month as well! Moreover, This awesome stats have been achieved by just having written 13 articles plus, the earning targets have also been achieved by a huge margin already!

Traffic Stats :
Visits : 59,721
Page views : 93,144
Bounce Rate : 72.63%

Super win it is and below is the proof that this blog has not been affected by the recent algorithm change!

Traffic Sources

thecopypasteblog traffic sources march 2011

Google topping the charts with 75% of the overall traffic and Stumble Upon also being in the top 10 traffic providers. Quite happy to see that my 75% of the traffic is from search engines and that proves the healthiness of the SEO of this blog!

Best Articles : Round-up

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The winner of the top commentator contest have been notified and their awards will be up as soon as they provide the banners. Congratulations to them and once again, A big thank you to all of you my readers and I assure you that there are many more things to come in my blogging journey! This is just a beginning. Cheers and keep smiling.

What about your traffic report?


  1. Wonderful stats, Congrats dude 🙂


  2. Hey rahul tell me yaar how you are doing this unbeliveable job……….as i am a new blogger plz tell me some effective tips to become like you………..


  3. That looks great. Now i will join stumbleupon to get traffic.


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