Thecopypasteblog Monthly Traffic Report | October 2010

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Hello my lovely readers! I am here once again to announce my monthly traffic report which I have not been doing since last several months but finally I am here and I am so much happy to announce my last month’s traffic stats. October was the best month ever for thecopypasteblog in terms of traffic and earnings as well. Here, I am sharing you the stats for my traffic I had the last month.

I am just very much happy to announce my monthly traffic report as I have achieved all targets which I had set for the month of October by a big margin addition to it. I have been working hard on my SEO couple of months ago and now I am getting its results as 71% of traffic I have received is from Google and If you are my follower on Twitter and friend on other social networks, you must have noticed that I have stopped promoting my articles much there, this is just to test how good my SEO is.

Traffic Stats

thecopypasteblog, traffic report

Traffic Report

  • Visits : 32, 442
  • Pageviews : 51, 250
  • Bounce rate : 72.12%

Traffic Sources

If I compare this to my last traffic which I wrote in May 2010, I have noticed a big change in my bounce rate but I am not concerned about that as of now or maybe it is because I am yet to explore “how to reduce bounce rate” which I will be doing soon. Another change I have noticed is the increase in traffic which is almost double now and that is a very positive and motivating thing happening for me.

Last month, I had only 13 articles written on my blog and this is what I am amazed at! Only 13 articles giving me a huge traffic and you all can imagine how good my site SEO is! Though my site is still in Google Sandbox but I am least concerned about that. The only thing I am looking to is to get more traffic to my blog.

Top 5 Articles

I also would like to add that my earnings through my blog has also achieved all the targets I had set for myself. I am loving and enjoying this blogging world more and more gradually and I am very much thankful to you all for your supports, appreciations, RTs, shares and your feedback above all.

I also have a giveaway for the 2 top commentators every month and I am giving away 2 125*125 adspots for them. Congratulations to and for becoming the top commentators for the last month. Your banners are now live on the blog.

Once again, I thank you everyone connected to thecopypasteblog with all my heart and wish you all a very Happy Diwali :) Let me know your views and comments on this.

Rahul BankerThecopypasteblog Monthly Traffic Report | October 2010