1. Great going! Stumbleupon traffic is hard to get (atleast for me).

    1. Thank you mani! well yes, You are right that I don’t comment on other blogs and that is just because I hardly find time to write blog articles though I read all the articles I get in touch with but still can’t get those 2 minutes to comment which can really help me increase my alexa and my traffic as well. Hope I will soon be able to manage that thing. Well, I have written only 13 articles in a month! do you think I manage college and blogging both at once ? That number can go upto 30 if I do not concentrate on studies ;)
      but will tell you some secrets soon cheers! :)

    1. Thank you so very much buddy :) Thank you for your support as well and yes, I know you like this blog :))

    1. Thank you very much Saket :) thanks for your words and all the feedback support :)

  2. vishi96

    Ohh my heavens this is just amazing dude, really happy for you, but I'm not surprised as from the beginning you've been doing great and I've always expected this from you. Best of luck

    1. Thank you very much Vishal! thanks for the appreciation and encouragement :)

    1. yes! First year and lots of improvements! I am loving this :) Thanks for all your feedback support as well! Good to see you back!

  3. Hello Rahul,
    good going Dude. Great stats and I hope next month you will improve more.

  4. your blog is great hope i could get this rank for vbv2.blogspot.com when i transfer it to vikasbhatt.net

  5. @jean_blore

    Ah, now I understand why Analytics is so important ;-)

    Hope things are working fine now. Have a great day.


    1. Correct! so if it gets paused even for a single day, my ratings and motivation will be paused as well :P

    1. now 11 months old blog
      generating a good revenue with which I would say I can buy some latest gadgets and pay the bills :)
      Thank you for dropping by and hope to see you again! :)

  6. Good stats Rahul. Though I am little confused about the statement that your blog is in sandbox. Because you are getting fair amount of traffic from Google and I can see your site in G for site:thecopypasteblog.com

    Can you bring some light in to it?

  7. Great numbers when comparing to mine.. jus trying to come back to blogging from freelancing ;)

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