SEO : How To Deal With Keywords

Whenever I chat to my fellow blogger friends or use my twitter, I see many of them keep looking for a better SEO techniqueswhich they can follow to make their blog rank higher in search engines and somehow they end up in getting nothing or something which is not useful for them. From today, I am going to start a small series of articles in which I will be explaining some basic SEO methods which can be useful to you for sure. as usual, I expect that you will love it!

To be practical, we are living in a Google age right now in which any internet user who want to search for a particular thing will goto Google to search for it. This is the case for atleast 80% of the internet users as far as I believe or maybe more. People will make a quick search and will definitely select one result from the first few they get.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) deals with the technique of writing/organizing web content in such a way that your web pages appear top on web search results and bring more traffic to your web site. In this series of articles, I will be explaining them one by one. Search Engine Optimization is not a complex process. With proper understanding, you can in fact do it by yourself. Here are the simple steps. Follow them and I am sure you will succeed. 🙂

1. Identifying Keywords

Keyword plays a very important role in the SEO of any blog. Keywords are likely to be those words which are going to be used by the users to search for. If you choose right keywords which describes your blog, business site more precisely will surely do good and will help you rank higher.

This is a very crucial step as the success of SEO depends on this largely. Proper identification of keywords could hugely boost your business. On the other hand, improper selection could conceal your business from the eyes of prospective customers.

How to identify Keywords

This is an obvious question : How to and where to find keywords from? The answer is simple and complicated as well. Do an insight research analysis on your content and find those keywords which any person who search might use it and make a list of it. The more the words, the better are your chances.

You may also take help from some well known keyword tools which will help you to do so :

  1. Google: Keyword Traffic Estimator Tool
  2. Microsoft: AdCenter Keyword Forecast Tool
  3. WordTracker: Keyword Suggestion Tool
  4. Keyword Discovery: Search Term Suggestion Tool

keyword seo

2. Organising your content

Following the first step, your next step will be organizing your site content in such a way that the keywords you choose look visible and friendly so that the search engine crawlers can recognize them fast and index them.

The Search engine crawlers normally start reading the title tag, then look for the headings written in bold, then the content from left-to-right etc. Organizing your web content (specifically the keywords) along the lines of the Search Engine reading flow will enable your web page get a better rank in the web search results.

To do this you may take help of some of the wordpress plugins if you own a wordpress blog, Read my SEO articles and you must read what I do to make my blog SEO better.

I hope you liked this article and in my next article, I will be covering topics and notes about how to choose a domain name so get tuned and visit again. But wait ! 😀 don’t forget to leave a word of appreciation or criticism because that is what helps me make this blog better and motivate me to write more 🙂 Thanks and cheers 🙂


  1. dude.. Do u use these tools huh ??
    i never worried about all these 😀
    might be i hav to work on it.


  2. i, too was under the false impression that keywords/tags help in attracting traffic. But the truth is they DONT. Though i am not an expert but talk with some very successful bloggers has made me believe it's just a myth. You too give it a try and include only few relevant tags.


  3. When it comes SEO, Keyword plays a important role. Thanks for sharing these tools. It will be really helpful.


  4. Keywords are very important if you want to drive huge and targeted traffic but it is important to use it effectively and avoid spamming. I guess every newbie should try above tools, it gives idea about relevant keywords. Nice post Rahul 🙂


  5. thanks dude..for such nice article. your last article abt seo "Basic SEO Techniques I Use For My Blog " was also nice n helpful. I tried these tools for my client, the tools are really effective.

    keep it up dude.


  6. Very nice information. Google keyword suggestion tool is very best free tool. I feel happy about your blog.
    Its very useful to SEO Experts.


  7. I always use 3-4% of keywords in my article submission to ezine or articlesbase. Keyword analysis is really important in seo


  8. dude.. Do u use these tools huh ??
    i m always worried about all these
    might be i hav to work on it. …


  9. The articles u write are very much true and working well for me ! i recommened all the new bloggers to refer to this site and its blogging tips and one day u will surely become one a true blogger
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