Best way of Saving Facebook Messaging Chat Conversations

How many times have you ever happened to pass important information in chat with your Facebook friends and then just when you need that we forget what has been written? To me personally many times, in fact whenever I do, I have to get back in touch my friend and me to complain, what at first I had entered my head.

If you, like me, have often this problem, this guide is for you today, in fact, there is a good application for the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, called Facebook Chat History Manager, which will help you whenever you want to read their conversations on Facebook .

Saving Facebook Messaging Chat conversations

need as mentioned earlier, the known and now well-known free browser Mozilla Firefox, available for download on their official website. For those who had already installed on your PC (so if you are good geek), you will not have to do is install the addon free connecting the Mozilla Addons page. Once the page opens, click the check mark that says it is still an experimental addon, and then click on “Add to Firefox”.

In the window that opens, first click on Install Now and then click Restart Firefox to install the addFacebook Chat History Manager and restart Firefox.

Saving Facebook Messaging Chat conversations

You need to register a free account. So you do not have to do is click on Tools -> Facebook Chat History Manager Firefox -> Create Account. Fill out the form to be found in the window that opens to you, enter your ID to Facebook, the name used, a password and confirmation password, and confirm by clicking on Apply and then OK.

At this point, all facebook chat messaging conversations that take place locally on Facebook will be stored by Facebook Chat History Manager.

How to Read Facebook Messaging Chat conversations

To view the history of Facebook messaging chat conversations later, all you have to do is select the View History menu Tools> Facebook Chat History Manager in Firefox. In the window that opens, then enter the user name and password you set above and click the OK button to access the service.


  1. Nice share Rahul……..
    I needed it from a long time because i am addicted to read old conversations on Gtalk 🙂


  2. I have seen in some of my friends' accounts, facebook chats are automatically saved in the 'messages' section. However the same doesnt happen in my account. I've gone though the settings and help section but could not find any solution. Can anyone tell me how to activate that?



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