Galaxy S5 Vs One M8 Vs Xperia Z2 : Who’s the Master of the Market?

Finally all of those most anticipated phone of this first half of 2014 are presented and they also came together with different opinions and criticisms conflicting with each other. Those who prefer a brand, those who prefer another: but which of the three really deserves to be the new master of the market of this delicate and important band?

Surely it is rather trivial to dwell only on the specifications, for which we analyze the characteristics, strengths and flaws, trying to find you the best suitable smartphone candidate among these for your next purchase. In comparison, obviously, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) and Sony Xperia Z2.

Specifications and hardware: some more, some less … but always top!

So I begin starting with the hardware features of these three top of the range, something that very often influences the choice to any purchase, although not always does it make the difference: Galaxy S5 boasts a Snapdragon processor 801 2.5 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and Super AMOLED Full HD 5.1 display”. On the other hand there is the new HTC Snapdragon processor 801 2.3 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and Super LCD 3 by 5 “Full HD display. Finally, the new Z2, we have Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.3 GHz clock speed, 3GB RAM and a 5.2 “Triluminos Full HD display . Interesting to see how all three use the new solution of Qualcomm regard to the SoC,  and exhibit the display very different between them.


Another big difference between these three terminals is that given fact that Sony is equipped with a super 3200 mAh battery, compared to 2800 mAh on the Galaxy S5 and  2600 mAh on the new HTC One M8. This detachment will probably mark a big difference, ensuring the Z2 lasts 1-2 days. Obviously these comparison are all on paper because battery also depends on the processes handled by a particular phone.

Analyzing only the specifications of the three terminals discussed above then, surely the one who emerges as a winner is Sony Xperia Z2 which not only has a great processor, but also 1 GB or more RAM than the other two top of the range and a much more capacious battery, and both Things could affect the flow and usability of the daily routine usage.

Of course, as I said it is not only the hardware with which we can declare a winner, so let’s go see also the functions and capabilities of each device.

Features and pros: the strengths

Now let’s see what each of the three devices can give as the best of themselves. Let’s start by Galaxy S5 , which samsung-galaxy-s5finally being waterproof and dustproof, to possess a powerful 16-megapixel camera that supports video capture capability in 4K and focus snapshot, as well as other small cool features like download booster and a sort of touch like Apple ID in order to unlock and access to some services moving their finger on the home button.

The latter function was seen by all as an attempt to copy Apple, but in my opinion it is a major feature on the new generation phones and I’d like to see that in the future on all high-end devices. Turning to the new HTC One (M8), surely we find the most interesting and appreciated features by the users like BoomSound and Zoe which can ensure excellent audio and video and on Zoe, the photo features and some of them are really fun.

Do not forget about the dual rear camera which adds the ability to adjust the focus in post production and make a better depth, but at the expense of picture quality, forced to cope with having only 4 Megapixel rear camera – Ultrapixel or not – they seem to still be too few for a phone of this range. In this case we do not find impermeability, although a recent video test shows that the new One seems to be decidedly opposed to liquids.

As for Sony Xperia Z2 instead, at last I find a display, clear and enjoyable to 360 °, water resistance, resistance to dust, the powerful 20.7-megapixel camera with support for 4K video and a very large 3200 Mah battery . As the phone is also very well-studied from the point of design, edited and finished in every detail aesthetic: the eye wants its side. I can not say the same for the Galaxy S5, although the aesthetic is a very subjective as well as for the HTC One.

Cons and flop: the weak points

Obviously not everything that glitters is gold, and in this case the high price is not always synonymous with “top”. Each of the three devices has indeed some important gaps for improvement, which I would like to point out and maybe advise you to take better care in the next devices you are going to choose. S5 Samsung Galaxy, as we know, can be appreciated or not because of plastic which has always distinguished the form factor. This has always allowed Samsung to maintain a good weight, and the convenient possibility of being open at the rear to replace the battery. Certainly it would be reasonable to expect most precious materials from such an expensive product, but unfortunately Samsung seems to want to continue on this path. Above all, All we would have expected more RAM , maybe 3 GB, battery a bit ‘bigger, and finally a storage of 32 GB in the basic version, at least for the presence of 4K support .

HTC One instead gave us the impression that the Taiwanese company is being a bit too much resting on our laurels and the success of its predecessor. The product does not seem to have many new unique features compared to the “old HTC one”, if not for the increase in power of 25% for the BoomSound speaker, and for the second camera that can give rise to real editing sessions on smartphones . Finally, the battery still seems a little too low to allow a powerful phone which can be used throughout the day, especially from the people who make intensive use, because I am still not confident in the potential of energy-saving mode.


For the Sony, I have to report some minor flaw with the 20.7 Megapixel camera, but still not insignificant. Well, we have already seen on Z1, showed some defect in spite of the resolution which is really high. One thing which is not acceptable is the absurd pace that Sony uses to present their top of the range smartphones, the company has a successor to the Z line every 6 months, which inevitably leads his predecessors to depreciate too quickly and make them obsolete too soon. I therefore hope that this time Sony saw the great potential of the products they presented in Barcelona, ??and decides to “keep it up” at least until next year, maybe devoting themselves to other series and price ranges.

Conclusion: you and what would you choose?

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Turning then, to the findings of this short comparison, surely those who, at least on paper, seems to emerge victorious before the real “battle” is : Sony with its Xperia Z2. The small / large shortcomings highlighted in Galaxy S5 have a little off my enthusiasm, and a hypothetical transition from Note 3 ? might seem like a step back, which is quite strange when you buy a new product of this caliber.

HTC One M8 instead, I liked it a lot, I am an HTC fan, but I can not digest a camera yet with so little performance, which undoubtedly limits my final judgment on the paper. Finally, as mentioned, the Xperia Z2 is what convinced me most of the three, but I sincerely hope that the camera is really improved, which may coincide with the number of megapixels, sharp pictures that will allow people to finally buy a phone without the fear that after few months it can become “old”, and then devalued several hundred bucks.


These are my opinions, which certainly may be similar, the same or completely different from yours, so I ask you: what do you think? What is the product that has hit most of the three and maybe your next purchase? Or what you did not like and you would prefer to have it in other ways? Have your say!

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