Reliance free GPRS Hack : April 2010

Hi all ! I’m back after being inactive for quite a long time and this time I am back with something very important for you all. I have got a hack to use free Reliance GPRS on your phone.

So without much delay i start my article here. I am giving you a hack to use Reliance GPRS for free in your java based or symbian based phone. All you have to do is just to follow the procedure given below.

  1. Download these 2 files : UCweb and Bolt Browser.

  3. Get the rcomwap GPRS settings in your phone.

  5. Install both the above given softwares.

  7. Now open Bolt Browser. It will give you the following screen


Enter this text in the “Back query field” : ?id=jCustomerWAPProv/

now scroll down and you will get one more field named “Host”, Enter : HandlerHost in that field and press OK. Connect using rcomwap GPRS settings, it will install itself and then you are done ! You will be able to use GPRS for free !

  • Follow the same procedure for UCweb Browser and it will be done !
  • The reason why i am providing two different browser is that the Bolt Browser doesn’t allow downloading of file so you may be able to download any file via UCweb browser given. UCweb browser is a Chinese version so if you find any difficulties in understanding the operations, you may comment below and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support ! Have a nice time here. Please leave a comment below if it works for you and you think i have helped you !

P.S. This trick is tested in Gujarat only. so please check in your state and i think it should work.


  1. hey bro great work done by u …….:p u hve great tricks hidden in ur mind …ur brain is really precious!!!!

    1. yeah sudharshan ! Airtel trick just stopped working couple of days ago so i had to find something new ! will keep you updated as soon as i find a new airtel trick 🙂

    1. Not to worry ! i even got trick for docomo if you are using it ! 😀

      1. this trick isnt working with motorola handset

        1. motorola doesn’t support java installation i guess 🙁

      2. hello sir i m use free net relince cdma but i want full speed gprs trick can u help me ?

        ya any server hack proxy adderes

        my cel. nu.+919001717143

        u like sms me

  2. do you have airtel tricks?

    1. i had one airtel trick but it is not working anymore ! will keep you updated as soon as i get one ! 🙂

  3. thanks facebook guru .. 🙂

    Its Works for me as well ..

    keep rocking in this vacation …

  4. Do you have any tricks for DoCoMo ?

    1. yes Giri ! i do have a DoCoMo trick ! but it still needs to be checked by me ! so i will check it as soon as possible and will post it here 🙂

    1. there ain’t any proxy available buddy !! But the trick posted here is 100% working so you may give it a try ! Thank you for dropping by 🙂

    1. i dont have myspace ! you can follow me on twitter @bankerrahul

  5. Hi,

    I took think that its Right And its Common Now-a-Days… Anyhow, I am just Posting to share something with you. Yes, There is a Site Called http://SolveGprsProbs.In where GPRS Settings are Available for All Networks and Mobile Models. They also Give Diagnostics and Guides for Newbie Users… Hope this Helps.

    Happy Surfing…
    .-= BeZo Pravin´s last blog ..Re: Eckstahsee – I want to tether my LG Neon to my Desktop computer through Bluetooth using my Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1 USB UHE Dongle. Computer is running Windows XP media center edition version 2002 (SP3) =-.

  6. can u please update the trick is for GSM or for CDMA .

    please reply soon.


    1. hello Mr. Ashok ! thanks for dropping by ! and i am sorry i forgot to mention that this trick is checked in GSM only, and if you have got CDMA phone then you must give it a try ! there is nothing wrong in trying this atleast once 🙂 thanks again.

  7. Hey Rahul.
    Is it necessary to use above mention Browsers. can we use IE or Firefox also. if Yes then please tell the settings of IE and Firefox for using Free GRPS in Reliance
    Thanx in advance

    1. yes vikas,
      it is necessary to use the given browsers and these are mobile browsers not PC browsers like IE and FF 🙂

  8. hiiiiiiii buddy……..
    i have also some tricks like airtel opera mini free browsing and downloading, reliance free live T.V., reliance free gprs… i want to share these tricks…….. and i also want a trick to use reliance net in pc with apn- rcomnet. can u help me???

  9. hi, i wanted to use net on my pc but i have nokia 6233 (40s) can u give me any trick for free net. your efforts will be deeply appreciated. you can mail me at

    1. well, currently i dont have any trick with which you can use net in your pc but i will keep updating it as soon as i get it 🙂

  10. hi rahul……do u have any trick for free airtel mobile office or relience gsm . i am from madhya padesh.plz rly

    1. this trick is for reliance GSM, buddy 🙂

  11. Hi do you have any settings to use rcomnet in reliance gprs for free?

  12. hey i found a trick for freee GPRS in airtel and reliance. so call me fast on +91890536483. Dont worry i wld tell u to recharge my no. i dont need all that rubbish. So call Me FAst…..

    1. Right now i am out of state so i can’t call you but if you want to contact me, you can leave as many comments here as you want 🙂

  13. Hi bro i think the reliance ?id= trick has been stoped now! so if u known any new trick for reliance then plz let me known

    1. It is still working, Javed ! I can still use it in my another phone nokia 6700 slide 🙂

  14. it works good . but when open an url it say network fail.

  15. It’s very good but whenever we login into some accounts like of yahoomail or orkut, 10-20paise get deducted. Also that bolt one doesn’t has the option Save Image.

    1. You have to use only those browser which are provided with this article to surf internet or your credit will surely get deducted 🙂

      1. ya i m using bolt 1.50 editable server. u have provided bolt 1.04 editable server. in that one too the money gets deducted if we login to some sites like orkut or twitter.

        1. well then check the configurations again ! because i can use it without any problem in my another phone 6700 slide 🙂

  16. Hi rahul,
    Your free reliance gprs trick is absolutely working.
    Can you provide some trick for free internet on laptop using gprs connection.

  17. hi…thanx for nice work..
    please post any trick for DOCOMO for GUJARAT
    i need which work on laptop
    thanx again

  18. Rahul reliance older and also here posted trick now payable….so r u have now any new trick.


  19. using gprs on reliance with this setting costs even more than normal in my s40 phn…………it does not work now……..plz give me setting to run mig33 handler host free on my s40 device

  20. Hey its working in maharashtra but there is problem, that 1st page is open no problem but next page is not open. just started loading and in fraction of moment it stopped. plz can u tell me how can i make it proper?

  21. hello! i m using nokia 6300 and living in Gujarat .

    1. How to get rcomwap settings. in my mobile when i send SMS ALL to 55100 i get following settngs


    2. In Access point setting my mobile only shows rcomnet no rcomwap.. tell me wat to do noow??

  22. i m using microphone q3 with Reliance GSM .. ur trick does not work in my phone..error shows Internet not available.Check network services

  23. i recived 2 settings and there names" reliancemb world" & "reliance mms" i saved both the browser and took" reliancemb world" as default and staretd the browser but its not connecting so plz help i have nokia 7210 supernova . plz do connect me on if any one have its solution……….. plz help………

  24. Bro.. I use Nokia 6300 and i don't have rcomwap setting. My phone only have rcoment settings. I tried to get all setting frm Reliance by SMS i got these settings

    1. RelianceMBWorld
    2. Reliance MMS
    3. Rcomnet

    and in access point only rcomnet is there. I can't find rcomwap anywhere.. Plz help me
    If you have IP and Port address for rcomwap plz give me i will make settings of my own..

    1. Here is settings for Different APN working with Reliance.

      1. rcomnet –
      Just write APN as rcomnet and leave everything as default. No proxy and port needed.

      2. rcommms / rcomwap –
      APN – rcommms (No disconnection) or rcomwap (disconnects after every 9 M
      Proxy no – or
      Port no- 8080

      3. SmartNet –
      Just write APN as smartnet and leave everything as default. No proxy and port needed.

      4. smartmms / smartwap –
      APN – smartmms (No disconnection) or smartwap (disconnects after every 9 M
      Proxy no –
      Port- 8080

  25. not working in nokia 7210 supernova … plz help

  26. how to do in sony erricson w205 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help budddy

  27. how to do in sony erricson w205 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help budddy
    in nagpur maharashtra

  28. sir
    pls send me relience gsm m99 GPRS hack trick, i am using idea netsetter with relience sim pls send me the trick by following e mail:

  29. super cool dude!!! 🙂
    thnx 🙂

  30. Hi friend i want to gprs trick i am use net in sachool for child education so help me my id Mo.9427070842

  31. i have the alcatel 708 and i dont know what i should do
    and what i have to do on pc
    can you send me an email to know what i to do please
    thats my email:

  32. can anyone help me as I get free gps….Although I followed all the steps but still it didn't work 🙁
    it may be that I have the GPRS rcomwap set incorrectly
    can you explain me what i should set on my mobile phone?
    my email

  33. hi rahul pls send me relience gprs m99 free trick… i am using idea net setter with relience gsm sim

  34. Can we do surfing in uc browser and can we use uc browser 7.2

  35. Bhai plz give me relince tricks my cel nO 8000539323 plz if u hv any tricks huh i knw u hv so many tricks 4 relince so plz msg me~sagar sagar

  36. you should change your setting as fellow:
    profile name: reliance gprs
    ip address-
    port- 8080
    apn/access point: rcomwap

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