All You Need to Know About the Redesign of Facebook News Feed

So It’s the time of the year again when Facebook reintroduces it’s new design of the news feed. Said to be bold, mobile inspired design for the top most social network in the world and as CEO Mark Zuckeberg says that helps make you see and feel things that users will care about. Facebook has aimed to make the new news feed almost as a newspaper but myself along with many others think that this redesign is more inspired by the Google+ interface. Are you one of them who believe in this?

facebook news feed redesign

The new design sets out to be focused on visual design. It tags the redesign as “Goodbye Clutter: Hello bright, beautiful stories.” Zuckerberg says it’s focusing on three things:

  • Rich stories that are visually engaging
  • Choice of different feeds and dig into any topic you want
  • Mobile consistency that shares the same experience across different platforms.

The new news feeds are starting to roll out on the web from today, iOS the next and followed by the Android devices. So expectedly, it’ll be almost a month from now for Facebook news feed redesign to go live universally.

Here are a couple of videos explaining the Facebook Home page and news feed redesign :

To get into the waiting list of the new Facebook news feed redesign rollout and to find out more information about it, head over to this link.

It’ll be interesting to know the feedback from the users who’ll be getting this update in the coming time and to know what they feel like, what Facebook is really aiming with this new design in terms of monetizing Facebook and user experience. But for now, do let me know what you feel about this new redesign of the news feed in the comments below. That’s it for now. See you soon with some more exciting things, the same place!


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