How to Precisely Change Volume and Brightness on Mac

One of the actions that are more simple when you have a Mac for the hands is surely raise and lower the system volume. Through the appropriate three buttons, placed respectively on F10, F11 and F12, you can put in mute your computer, and bring up their lowering the volume within a range from 1 to 10. Although this can be quite trivial, however, there are limitations that restrict, or at least make it less convenient, the use of our Mac.

How many times, in fact, we happened to watch a movie or listen to a song and want to tweak the audio sound, right of that “hair” is necessary to achieve the optimal situation? And how many times we have not been able to do this because from a scale of 1 to 16 points are sometimes the means to make a difference?

What, however, not all users know is that there is a possibility to change even more the output sound pressure by holding several keys simultaneously. In this way, the change in volume level is 1/4, greatly expanding the range of volume that we have available, which brings us to be from 1 to 64. The maximum corresponds to the maximum of the normal Mac, but inside there will be multiple intervals.

To perform this type of operation, before you press the button to change the volume, we simply have to keep pressure on the buttons Alt + Shift. In this way activate the “hidden”. Very interesting is the operation, as well as with the volume keys, also with those of brightness, which very often does not seem to be fully meeting users. Thanks to the use of this combo of buttons, the adjustment will be more accurate.

Although this is not a feature that disrupts daily use on your Mac, this little foresight can improve the experience of using audio and video files. In this regard, the sound of alert, typical of when you change the volume, it can be disabled by the System Preferences (shortcut Alt + F12) by disabling the “Play a sound response when you change the volume.”

That’s it for now. Till the next time, cheers!


  1. hello @rahul bro i got your post in my inbox today mrng so i clicked on it and came here after reading your post i got valuable How To tips i don’t have Mac even i read your post coz i like your all articles they are informatove and useful for every one 🙂 keep it bro


  2. Hi Rahul,

    How come I didn’t know all these? I owned a Mac for almost a year now but I’m not a techy kind of guy so I’m not aware of these trivial know-hows. Anyway, this post is really helpful. Thanks a lot! 😀


  3. Hi Rahul,

    Although I didn’t use Mac but this post is really helpful. Thanks for sharing this nice information.


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