Netflix launched in India. Plans starting Rs. 500/- per month : First month free!

Finally a day when we can say “Let’s Netflix and chill”! Netflix has finally launched in India. It was a much awaited service which was expected to be launched during CES 2016. Along with India, NetFlix is also available in Pakistan along with other 130 countries in the list

NetFlix will be available for free the first month with a credit card.

Prices : 

  1. Basic- Rs 500, No HD
  2. Standard- Rs 650, HD, 2 screens
  3. Premium-Rs 800, Ultra HD, 4 screens

The prices are same as the rest of the world. To get the costs down, you can get the 800 rs subscription and share it with 4 friends (as it allows 4 simultaneous streams). At 200 bucks per person, it can be worth it. Though it will depend on the library (both quantity & quality wise) in the end.

Netflix says that its service “won’t be available in Crimea, North Korea, and Syria due to US government restrictions on American companies.” And major series like House of Cards and Orange is The New Black may not be available in markets where Netflix doesn’t own the distribution rights. But the company is increasingly moving to own those rights for its original content, with an eye toward maximizing the return it can get on paying to produce new films and series.


  1. Wonderful! Sharing with 4 friends option is nice… Let’s Netflix 🙂


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