Best Sites To Download Free Wordpress Themes

There are thousands of WordPress themes available over the net and if you are a blogger then you might be searching for a good theme which can suit your blog but somehow you don’t find good resources to search for the theme. Today, I am providing you a very long list of website containing those WordPress themes in a categorized manner. It is worth a bookmark so go ahead and bookmark it now!

1. WordPress


This is a resource provided by WordPress itself where you can search according to our choice.

2. ThemeLab


Good site to look for free themes. There are preview for all themes available with really good demo content.

3. WpTemplates


The themes are archived and categorized. All the themes come with a download and demo link for easy use and there are detailed features for most themes as well. There are no index in the paging of pages making it a bit hard to browse fast forward or to a specific page.

4. WP Themes Press


This site offers a collection of about 100 free WordPress themes. You can look at the demo of the theme directly and download it from one place. Check out the top rated themes and also browse through the themes in various categories to find the best for your site.

5. WP Skins


This site have a huge collection of free WordPress themes. All themes are arranged in categories for easy access and you can also search for the theme based on the properties of the theme you are looking for.

6. Themes Rock Kitty


This site has a large collection of around 1500 free WordPress themes.There are several features to help you browse the themes, categories, tags, rating, most popular etc. All themes have preview and download.

7. Blog Oh Blog


This site have created some of the best WordPress themes and you can read in detailed about each of them. The site have around 60 themes available for download.

8. WpThemes360


This site has a rather huge collection of free themes listed with medium size screenshots. There’s a randomize feature that will give you a random selection of theme.

9. Themes Preview


This site have a large and interesting collection of WP themes, currently 600 themes. Themes Preview take the time to review the themes and rate them based on standard compliance, support and certain theme qualities.You can search for the themes using the search function that is present in the right sidebar. This web site do not feature theme switcher but features demo and download link for every theme.

10. Themes Base


Themebase hosts themes for many platforms like Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, etc. Clicking the WordPress link (left menu) will show you the available themes for WordPress listed with rather small screenshots (almost too small). In this site you can see free and premium themes and every theme has got download and preview links.

These were some of the basic sites where you can get free WordPress themes. I hope you will like it and please don’t forget to share your views πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Susan for one more addition πŸ™‚ Now browsing the site and I hope I will find some rich resources πŸ™‚ cheers and hope to see you once again soon


  1. Thanks Rahul. I'm looking for a new theme I should be able to find one now.


    1. oh yes that is true and I would suggest you to use SEO one too! it has got some rich features as well πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the share. Now checking it πŸ™‚ browsing through the categories and so far, looking so great πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ Visit again!


    1. Thank you for the wonderful words, Cindy πŸ™‚ Hope your current theme looks good as well and I hope you will get a wonderful theme as your next change πŸ™‚ cheers and hope to see you again!


  2. good list of wordpress theme site… is there any site which provides free thesis themes… :p


    1. well not really but you may surely check torrent sites and you will get a thesis theme πŸ˜‰


  3. It is really great to see so many usefull wp themes at one place. Love to find more great templates here.


  4. It's great to see many usefully WordPress themes at one place. I'm looking for a new theme.


  5. dont try these without 'tac' nd 'theme check' plugin guys ….these themes have hidden malicious code inside them. Check them with tac anc theme check plugin available at for free..!!
    have a good blogging experience πŸ™‚


  6. I m very happy to see the list of download sites from where we can download wordpress theme.It's like a database of sites.These themes are very useful for designing the web sites.


  7. My website uses a theme from their site. I used to do a lot of web design but with how easily wordpress is to use and the magnitude of very cool themes out there, I'm with you that WordPress is the way to go!
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  8. Not being able to edit the theme sounds like a permissions issue. Check that the web server has permission to write to the files and folders


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