All You Need To Know About The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

The excitement is reaching new levels everyday, fans have started gathering, chats peaking their peaks, Teams have started playing their warm-up matches and why all these should not be when it is all about the biggest festival of a religion named “Cricket”. Here on The Copy Paste Blog, I bring you all the information you need to gather before the world cup kicks in and you start cheering for your team and shouting for every run scored by your favorite player! Enjoy.

Icc cricket world cup 2011

Before I start giving you all the information, I would like to share a once in a lifetime click I have got with the original World Cup trophy fortunately! It is my great pleasure to share that picture with you. Check it out below!

me with world cup

A Must Watch Video

Before I categorize the things, I would like all of you to watch this awesome video which gives all information about teams, schedule, venues and grounds of the ICC Cricket world cup 2011.

Official Mascot, Theme Song

The official mascot is named as “Stumpy”. He is a ten year old elephant who is very young, enthusiastic and is determined. The official theme song for the ICC cricket world cup is called “De ghumake” which is composed by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy from India. Check the video below of the official theme song of the ICC cricket world cup 2011.

Download ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule

Here I am providing you the Official schedule in 2 formats. PDF and Flash. The flash version is outstanding one designed by Check them out and you may download the one you prefer. Note that you can open flash schedule in your browser itself.

  1. Download ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule in PDF
  2. Download ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule in Flash

Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Live Online

Well, I am working hard to get the live feeds of the all matches of the world cup 2011 and stream it on this site and will also be providing you some links by which you can watch the ICC Cricket world cup 2011 live online if you’re stuck in your office or any other work and can’t stay at your TV. I will be writing an article on this in next week before the start of the world cup so stay tuned and subscribe to feeds to get an alert when I publish.

Final Scream!

I would like to know which team you are supporting and who your favorite player is! I am supporting my Team India and will be shouting for each of the players. Its time to bleed blue! Are you bleeding blue?


  1. England’s Allen Hill had both the first Test wicket and the first catch. He dismissed Nat Thomson for 1. This fine bowler’s career was unfortunately beset by injuries .More update on my blog


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