ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 : The Story So Far

Expectations, pressure, commitment, failure, winning, prayers, shouts and everything! Yes, this is what cricket is all about. Said to be an unpredictable game is now in such a point where it has become so exciting where it has never been. All is happening, some negatives, some positives, some expected and some unexpected matches happening at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and I’m just here to express what the all happening is all about. Let’s shout for our country!

sachin 1 After 42 group matches and 4 quarter-final matches, finally we have those 4 top teams who’ve managed to beat all up and survive. Yes, Sri Lanka will be playing against New Zealand in the first semi final of the World cup and the big bash will be when India will take on their born rivals Pakistan in the second semi final on Wednesday! (Watch ICC Cricket World Cup Quarter Final matches Live Here)

Dhaka wept and cheered and wept. The Irish marched, maybe short of weapons but not of spirit. Indian stadiums are, apparently, looking quite nice, England practiced standing on a knife’s edge, the Aussies haven’t evoked awe, and South Africa have a leg spinner. Clearly much has happened. Even the DRS has started winning some people over!

Now, this is the real-time to cheer for your country. This is the time to shout when your players need the most! Get painted, bleed for your country color and do whatever you can but as it is said that team doesn’t win just like that, you got to make them win! So, here is your chance.

There are many questions arise : Will Pakistan repeat the 1993? Will Sri Lanka repeat 1996? Will New Zealand add a new page to the books? Or will India make it this time? Well, even I don’t know the answers of this question but I surely will cheer for my country.

I, personally take proud in being from such a country where cricket is not just a game, it’s a religion : India! So, I will be bleeding blue like never before! What are you bleeding for?




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