HTC Announces GoPro-like Portable Action Camera : RE Camera

The Taiwanese manufacturer who, with their One (M8) has been a moderate success, although a little ‘criticized for the photo side has chosen to redeem themself, announcing EYE HTC Desire , the new Zoe 1.0 for iPhone and ‘action cam RE.

The presentation started with a nice intro video that shows the things that makes HTC the world. From the research, ecology, creating tools to share stories with their friends and family; all obviously studded smartphones created by the Taiwanese home. As soon as the video ends, take the word Peter Chou , CEO of HTC that starts the conference by talking to the bottom of what the company has always had an eye for the photo side.

The second part of the event took place with the announcement of a small room, like the GoPro, do not miss important moments in your life. It’s called HTC  Re. It looks very unique, definitely one of a kind. Its shape is very reminiscent, in fact a small periscope and ensure it is designed by taking into consideration the high element ergonomics.


As we learn from the page of the digital store, the action cam Re does not have any buttons of accession on or off. The lens is 146°  and makes it possible to ridble-htc-double-exposure-htc-re-6-262x705shoot a wide field. Using the touch sensor in the presence of the linear portion, the only hand pressure acts as a signal that allows the recording to start. It records HD video in 1080p at 30fps , and in slowmo timelaps to 240 frames per second, as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus . There is also the stabilizer software – vital for this type of product – which ensures the acquisition of yes in video movement, but without losing sight of the quality of the recovery. The King is waterproof, has an expandable memory via micro SD and with an 820 mAh non-removable battery.

The action cam is designed for mobile, or even to be controlled via smartphone (it makes no difference if you have Android or iPhone), and therefore no PC required, no cable. All this is made ??possible by the presence of Wi-Fi chip (802.11b / G / N), Wi-Direct and BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy. HTC seems to have put a lot of effort into creating this particular camera, also releasing APIs and SDKs for developers and, surprise, a chance to share in broadcasting everything we’re shooting with small camera. It is perhaps, in part, a direct competitor to Sony QX?

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Available in 4 colors, for now only in the USA, and that you can buy from the store on In my opinion, RE is just a well-designed fun little device for taking photos in unconventional ways, but it won’t magically make your smartphone experience any better. The camera’s name “RE” is a clever play on words like reimagine, rethink, or reframe, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that “redundant” is the right phrase. Also, the camera is not as wide as it is being advertised because GoPro has a 170 Degree field of view against 146 Degrees of RE! what’s your take?


  1. wow!! what a great technology and world class phone. I am also using htc phones awesome features and great battery backup..


  2. I looks like cheap PVC pipe, not a camera, at least GoPro looks like a camera


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