1. Please tell me after go sp.pr we have to simply submit url or before that we have to click on just shorten then submit.

    1. well, shorten the url first and all any other text like your post title and more and then click on post :)

  2. Excellent advice and I really haven’t done much with my stumble account. But now I will. Especially in the area of subscribing. Thanks for the great tips.

    BTW – your floating share button bar is partially covering your content and making it difficult to read content and submit comments. Needs to be moved left by about 60 pixels. Good luck.

  3. Finally you answered my question in good detail :) Will try this out… Cheers!

    Well, what exactly is the RSS link just below the submit button here. Its smartly showing a link to my blog? some magic in there :D ?

    1. Thank you Riyaz for the like to this post :) Well, for your second question, it is a love sharing for all those who comment on my blog :P search for “commentluv” plugin for wordpress and yo will know :)

  4. Nice tips buddy :)
    SU is one of the major traffic source and also your blog or site can go viral , If used properly :) .

    Off-topic : Shift the smart sharing slider to right dude :) :D

    1. I will move it more to the left and will try in 800*600 and see how it looks :)

  5. As a blogger this is a great article for me. Some information about Stumbleupon are new.Thank you very much and expecting such stories in the future also.

  6. Great and very useful article for me. Thanks a bunch for sharing :)

  7. Great Tips mate. Loved the way you have explored the way. Awesome article :)

  8. I’ve been so long waiting for this. Thank you very much!

  9. My stumble upon links shows nearly 450 visits but Google analytics doesnot show that much visits on traffic. Whats the problem actually ? Is stumble traffic fake?

    1. Stumbleupon Traffic is not fake at all ! I have been getting a good traffic and pageviews per visit is almost 8 ! And SU traffic is my third highest traffic in my list :)

  10. Hi there,

    Not entirely sure if this is good advice, but I will be trying over the next couple of weeks and I will look forward to seeing what happens.

    Truthfully, I have some good success with SU but I have to admit some SU numbers I get do not translate in my Google Analytics either.

  11. Hey Rahul, your techniques look impress! I'm just trying to learn how can I drive traffic from stumbleupon as I'm new on that, I used to stumbleupon my own post and I have not built any community. So now I'm trying to add as much people as I can and stumble their articles. I hope it drives some traffic. :)

    Nice post Rahul.

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    1. yes buddy! They really work and you can trust me on that and for the proof, you may browse through some of my articles and can check how much traffic I generate through SU!! Don't forget to add me to your SU list ;) hope to see you again here! thanks for the words and cheers :)

  12. I am happy for you, that even if you are not a very well-experienced blogger, you manage to increase your website traffic. And now, you are so kind to share your knowledge to others. So kind of you, thanks.

  13. lenin

    hi ,really usefull messages

  14. nice.I have five stumbleupon account,but I only have very few friends,just submit my blog to stumble,but no followers, really unfortunate,I just know stumbleupon is a very good tool for get traffics,but I do not know how to use it,thanks for share you views,I think I need read this article repeat.

  15. I heard a lot about social network side can increase blog traffic but never gave so much importance. but now after seeing the difference in your google analytic report i think i must try this. thanks i will try this.
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  16. Thanks for the information that I was just looking for Rahul. My 5 year old son's name is Rahul. I like the ration you mentioned that one visitor from stumbleupon saw 9 pages of your site.
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  17. techblasternet

    Thanks for sharing great info with us. I am totally new to stumbleupon. I'll try these methods… thanks a lot…
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  18. Hey, I'm not using this method, I always share directly, but getting traffic from social media. By the way, I'll try this method and check the difference.

  19. Thank you so much for your shared info! I’m currently looking for other alternatives on how to drive traffic to my website. I’ve been using Twitter and Facebook. It also has given me traffic, and now I’ve stumbled over stumbleupon and loads of people got positive feedback about how they gain huge amount of traffic. So, basically I’m a newbie on the site and your article has given me quite an inspiration to stick and stay with stumbleupon. ^_^

  20. thank you for your nice articel, I am just start blogging. hope this tutorial will work.

    1. well, no. Never tried paid submissions yet. but in future, for sure.

  21. Dolly

    Can some one explain this for me? the link to the SU Share image is dead.

    Under: Allow Shares to your toolbar

    How do you "allow them to forward their share to you. You just have to tick mark ok “accept shares to my toolbar” given on the right sidebar of that user’s profile page. See the image below :"

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