How to Use StumbleUpon To Get More Traffic For Your Blog !

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Addicted to StumbleUpon Coffee Hello all ! Well, StumbleUpon is one of the most important Social Bookmarking site to bookmark your newly written articles and blog posts to get traffic to your blog and for that particular article as well. Many of my other blogging friends have been asking me about how I use StumbleUpon and get so much of traffic because last month, StumbleUpon was my 4th highest traffic source as per my analytics. So here I am giving you some tips to you for using this service more effectively.

Before starting, I would like to let you know that even I am a less experienced blogger as of now with just 5 month of experience in this field but still, I have learnt a lot. So I will explain whatever method I personally follow for my StumbleUpon. To follow the below given tips, you must require a Stumbleupon account of yourself.

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Here I go :

Subscribe to Other Stumblers

This is the first step towards using Stumbleupon properly. You must subscribe to other users as many as you can and if you are lucky enough, you will be subscribed by some of them.

Allow Shares to your toolbar

After getting a subscriber to which you have subscribed, One must thing to do is to allow them to forward their share to you. You just have to tick mark ok “accept shares to my toolbar” given on the right sidebar of that user’s profile page. See the image below :

SU share

Share your article wisely

Here is where the main part comes while using StumbleUpon ! You must be using and after going to your profile, submitting your article or you must be submitting your site by using a bookmarking icon. I strictly advice you not to use this method ! Never submit your article this way because by doing this, you will only get only few visits like five or ten. Read the next point !


Here is where all the trick is ! Get your own account on which is a subsidary URL shortening service from StumbleUpon itself. Submit your account using this service. Just copy the title of your article and paste it in the box given there and also your article link followed by and then shorten the link by clicking on the button below and mark the Twitter and Facebook checkboxes and then click on “post” and done !

By doing this, your article will be posted by using shortening service to your Twitter and Facebook. Now you may click on the article snapshot and “vote it up”. After doing this, Go to your StumbleUpon profile and share the article with your other subscribers and if you are lucky enough, they will also vote it up !

The Truth and Fact

When you use url shortening service, your url will be given more priority than you share your link directly. So it will be listed in a better way than a normal link share.

A link shared via service will be add +1 to its stumble count whenever it is visited by any internet user and by that, your link will be topping the charts and this way you will be able to get more visits from stumbleupon too.

But, I can’t be sure in your case. If i share my experience, My average Pageview/visit from stumbleupon traffic for last month was 9.19 ! That means a user coming to visit my site from StumbleUpon, also visited other 9 pages of my site and this was something inspired me to share the technique i use for this service.


I hope you liked this article. Check : Basic SEO Techniques I use For My Blog to know more and also don’t forget to subscribe me from your stumbleupon ! Feel free to leave a word of appericiation and also if any more queries you have.

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Rahul BankerHow to Use StumbleUpon To Get More Traffic For Your Blog !