How to Get Twitter Followers! what’s your score?

One of the best ways I’ve learned on how to get Twitter followers is by using the Tweet Spinner tool. With Tweet Spinner, you can use one of two different Twitter auto follow system. One is based on keywords and the other is based on a specific Twitter profile.

Tweet Spinner provides a robust set of filters you can set, so you don’t follow spammers or people who don’t contribute value to your social network. If you set your filters properly, your reciprocal rate will be 50% or better, which is better than any other system I’ve used in the past. I choose not follow anyone whose account is less than 90 days old, has less than 500 followers and if their friend/follower ratio is greater than 75%, they won’t be added to my Twitter auto follow system.

Follow Manager

Using the Mimic feature, you select a specific Twitter person and decide if you want to follow their followers or the friends or both. In this filter set, this account got a 42.6% reciprocal following, which is still better than any other Twitter auto follow system I’ve used in the past. What’s nice about this tool is that once you set your filters, you’re done. No more clicking the follow icon anymore, a real time saver.


Under the “Follower Manager” heading, you will find powerful filtering options that you should take advantage of. The first, “show/edit filters,” is broken down into four parts. The “show/edit follower filters” lets you choose how you’re going to follow users on the service. This is further divided into two parts:

  • General Follower Filter: You’ll be following users with Tweet Spinner, and based on other criteria, you can pause the rate that you follow users for a specified amount of time. You can also set a specific follower-to-following ratio, and if you exceed this point, the system will stop following any additional users. Further, you can limit the frequency of your following behavior; for instance, you may choose to follow 30 people at any specific time and then cool down for a bit so as not to be too aggressive.
  • Specific Follower Filter: Let’s say you’re going to follow some users. They need to meet specific criteria (of your choosing) before you go ahead and proceed, and this will apply to the various types of following options that Tweet Spinner offers (to be discussed). These are:
    • The number of friends and followers they have. If they have too many friends and not many followers, for example, you might not want to follow them. You can set the follower-to-following ratio range in this section.
    • Number of friends. You can also follow users who have a specific number of friends (e.g. between 40 and 40000).
    • Age of account. You might not want to follow Twitter accounts that are 3 days old. You might also want to see that they are future upstanding members of the community. This is the section where that magic is made.
    • Tweet frequency. You might choose to only follow active users (who tweet between 1 and 100 times a month, for example) and not users who are either way too inactive or are too excessive.
    • Tweet activity. You might want to follow users who have sent tweets recently. Why follow someone who last tweeted in January of 2008? You can set a day here.
    • User-filtering/pruning. If you’ve pruned them before, why would you follow them again? You might not want to, and here’s a way to prevent the system from re-following someone you’ve unfollowed already.
    • Location. If you’re a local business, you’ll go crazy with the ability to follow Twitter users who are based on a geographic location. I believe that location filtering is based on the location listed in the bio, so someone entering their latitude and longitude will not be followed by this system.
    • Tweet content: URLs. You might want to follow real people who are engaging. If a high percentage of the user’s Tweets are filled with URLs, you might not have an interest. You can specify the percentage threshold here.
    • Tweet content: @replies: You also might choose not to follow people if they are a broadcast tool. If their tweets contain more than a user-specified percentage of replies, you might opt in. After all, it shows that they’re involved in their Twitter stream.

With this filter system, all the criteria you set must be met before a person is followed. This is Twitter marketing automation in motion and how you save yourself many hours of manual marketing tasks by using this powerful software.

When you have a Tweet Spinner account, you also get access to Follower Wonk. This sister tool, let’s you find Twitter people who are leaders in a specific niche. Again, so long as you set your filters right, you won’t get casual or low level accounts in your Twitter circle. I set the friend / follower ratio high to make sure the people I follow have the right set of metrics I look for in a Twitter friend / follower.

If you follow me a Twitter and send me a DM with your niche, I will send you the Top 50 Twitter people in any category you choose and a link for you to get a test drive account of Tweet Spinner so you can see for yourself how well this tool does the job.


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  2. It seems Tweet Spinner isn't working any more..Can you suggest any alternatives?


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