1. This is brilliant and method can apply to all domain names for finding other blogs in same niche/topic for leaving comments. Too bad you can't filter based on -"rel=nofollow" to list only dofollow blogs. Not sure if that will work since its in the underlying HTML of the page.

    1. exactly ! that is the main problem and hurdle. I wish I could find a way to remove the sites which has nofollow attribute from search results ! :P

    2. After we got a nice list of those posts, a little work to verify if a blog is dofollow or not worth taking pain of, isn't it? A blowser plugins can be of help, but we must open those sites before we can know if it is dofollow or not. It would be great if there exists an extension that indicates in search results like stumble upon can add its data to google search result.
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  2. Hi Rahul. Thank you for sharing this tip. I've always wondered how if there's a way to get exposed to edu domains because the usual backlinks are normally from .com sites. I didn't realize though that edu domains in most cases have a high pagerank. This is good stuff.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation :) Yes, If you notice the fact that .edu sites almost always have high PR ! because they are limited only to educational institutes and they get backlinks from everywhere :)

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    Great article Rahul! You seem to really research your Posts!

    1. Yes sir ! I never write about topics which I am not aware of and which I can't research on :)

  5. Cool find.. u have exploited all short tags in google!

    1. Thank you ! yes, I'm now quite familiar to google search :D Will write more about that later :)

  6. Excellent idea, simple and concrete! Thanks for sharing it and I'll put in my pending tasks :)
    Anyway, I think edu sites with good PRs DO or not follow, is an interesting link. Stumbled this post also.



    1. Yes, you are absolutely right. Its good even if its a nofollow but as a human, we never get satisfied and we will surely need a dofollow links :D haha thanks for the kind words and shares :)

  7. Wow. I guess this is my first visit to your blog and found something interesting. You are right, it would have been great if we can find dofollow links.

  8. Hey Rahul, I Liked the post very much, very informative & now I am going to follow this blog regularly.

    1. Thank you very much ! I am glad you liked it and thanks for the kind words :)

  9. You have a great and informative blog…. ,edu backlinks are really effective thanks for sharing awesome tips. The most important point is to target right niche , otherwise it not worth to get link which are not targeted and not useful for blog.
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    1. Thanks for the words :) Wait for my next article about backlinks !! I'm gonna rock I promise :P

  10. Instead of searching the general blogs and wasting time, this keyword helped me a lot to search with the specific and to target sites like .edu and .gov to post a comment… So thanks for your valuable post.

  11. This keyword helped me a lot to search with the specific and to target sites like .edu and .gov to post a comment… I think this should help my ranking!

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  15. Thanks for this helpful guide. However, I notice that bloggers should not spam the edu blog many times because it's likely to affect other bloggers who are trying to get good credit from Google as well :)
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  21. Om nu te zeggen dat .edu backlinks meteen je site omhoog laten schieten is nog steeds twijfelachtig. Uiteindelijk gaat het om relevantie, en als je bedrijf nou eenmaal niet in de educatieve sector zit, is een .edu lastig te verkrijgen. Kies dan eerder voor relevante websites waarbij je gratis je bedrijf kunt promoten .
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    yep, the problem is we need to filter out those moderated and nofollow, so f***** tedious!!:((((

  23. Thanks for the post. It is really informative. Will try that on my blog. Will check back on your blog soon. =D

  24. Thanks for your article, I'll try to get the best links for my sites by researching and manual submits myself. Sometimes it's hard, but hard work pays off.

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  26. I have tried several Google searches for .edu blogs with varying degrees of success. The on's you have posted seem to work very well.

  27. Holy cow ! Man awesome tips. Keep it up :D

    Btw i didn't get that "comments are closed" thing :s

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    1. Hope for the best :D but I guess, all links will not be “no follow” :)

  31. Very interesting stuff you got here. I'm gonna try and post on some forums. I'm kinda new to all these backlink stuff.

  32. good job brother. keep it up. nice info. but my Q is all the website offers such things ?
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  33. I just tried this and my problem is that the EDU sites i find are not ranked, or have a very low rank. WIll these still count towards getting a high quality backlink for my site? I have another question also.. How long does it take for my backlinks to register on sites that tlel you how many backlinks I have. Ive been waiting a month and nothing. Also, whn you post your links.. do you just post the root domain or the article with you keywords in it.

    Thanks for the help.. keep blogging!!!! :)
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  35. i wil try this today and wil see that my traffic is increasing or not

  36. good post sir.i wil try this today and wil see that my traffic is increasing or not

  37. Due to the panda effect getting backlinks from scammed .edu can severly harm your seo.

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  51. Rahul what if they dont allow site url but they allow only comment and name ?

  52. Hi Rahul,

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  53. anyone know if there is a way to check if the current site si dofollow ?

  54. jonson

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  55. Even after posting a sensible meaningful comment its not approved.! plzz help me i am doing edu blog commenting since last 2 months but i got nothing in the result.Would you please help me.?
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    1. oh I’m sorry, recently I lost some comments before approving so must be one of them. Well, I think you should concentrate on the content first and then create a strategy and then go for backlinks :)

  56. Very nice and helpful Article. ;)
    Best wishes by Gamdo.

  57. It's been several years, yet I still visit this page when I tamper around Google's search paramaters. Thanks for this awesome post.

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  65. Hello, and thank you so much.

    I think leaving a comment on edu. blogs is kind of difficult.
    I mean, most of comments are rejected (in some occasions even all of them , since you don't see any comments on the article, an article about 2 years long).
    I have tried on a couple of articles, because I really was interested in them and I like submitting comments in blogs and forums (even before having any website).

    What is the use of allowing users to comment and add their URL if they don't accept them?

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  68. This is truly excellent! This is totally priceless. Thanks so much. @Thom that is hard to answer just because each site has a different PR. The backlinks from a higher PR will be more valuable for your site than a backlink from a low pr.

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  73. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures
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  78. Thanks a lot, these absolutely helpful. Keep writing more related tips!

  79. Armchair


    Thanks for your guidance , really the key phrase you provided for searching .edu, .org, .gov blogs, or site where we can do blog commenting .

    Most of the people create lot of spamming and due to this , lot of .edu website didn't accept comment on own blog and if accept blog make link as a no follow .

    So all the point which you mention i am totally agreed with it.

    One .edu backlin is equal to 100 .com backlink . So you got the idea i hope how much important is .euc backlink

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    site:.edu “forum signup”
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    site:.edu “forums – Registration Agreement”
    site:.edu “forum Whilst we attempt to edit or remove any messages containing inappropriate, sexually orientated, abusive, hateful, slanderous”
    site:.edu “forum By continuing with the sign up process you agree to the above rules and any others that the Administrator specifies.”
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