HostGator and BlueHost Faces a Huge Downtime : Here’s One Awesome Alternative

As per the word from HostGator, router issues in its Provo, UT data center faced some network issue which caused the users a downtime or outage of more than 12 hours and some of the sites are still down as per the tweet report. The two hosting brands are all divisions of Endurance International Group. They also faced a similar outage few months back in August. Well for some customers, these outages are becoming too common and they are surely looking for the alternatives to HostGator and Bluehost. 

While it is still not clear how many customers were affected by this outage on Wednesday, reports show that the outage was not just for the shared or reseller, even the VPS and dedicated server users faced the outage with HostGator and Bluehost.

“Our NetOps team is still working to resolve an issue with a router and working to restore services for all affected customers,” Sean Valant, PR manager for HostGator said in the forum post. “Some sites are coming back online, though we appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the issue. As we get more information, we’ll continue to provide updates here on the forums till everyone affected has their service restored.”

Going by my twitter feed, the services seems to be restored for now but people are definitely looking for a HostGator Alternative and here I have a solution for you guys.

Alternative to HostGator and BlueHost

Digital Ocean

Netcraft concluded a survey in March, 2014 – and as of then, DigitalOcean is ranked as the 9th most popular hosting platform in the world. I think that goes beyond words, for a platform that really is only still a baby, a small company competing with the giants like AWS. That’s an achievement I must say.

Digital Ocean provides hourly as well as monthly plans and the plans are very flexible and simply affordable as compared to the same of HostGator or AWS. The company now has more than 140,000 customers, up from 1,000 at the beginning of the year 2013, Wainer said. That’s an exceptional growth.

[pricing_table columns=”3″] [pricing_table_column title=”512MB” currency=”$” price=”5″ interval=”Per Month”][icon_list][icon_list_item type=”check”]CPU: 1 processor[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]HDD : 20GB SSD[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]Bandwidth : 1GB[/icon_list_item][button shape=”rounded” href=”” title=”SignUp” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Sign Up[/button] [/pricing_table_column] [pricing_table_column featured=”true” featured_sub=”Most Popular” title=”1GB” currency=”$” price=”10″ interval=”Per Month”][icon_list][icon_list_item type=”check”]CPU : 1 processor[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]HDD : 40GB SSD[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]Bandwidth : 2TB[/icon_list_item][button shape=”rounded” size=”x-large” href=”” title=”Example” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Sign Up![/button][/pricing_table_column] [pricing_table_column title=”2GB” currency=”$” price=”20″ interval=”Per Month”][icon_list][icon_list_item type=”check”]CPU : 2 processors[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]HDD : 40GB SSD[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]Bandwidth : 3TB[/icon_list_item][button shape=”rounded” href=”” title=”Example” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Sign Up[/button][/pricing_table_column] [/pricing_table]

Thing to take a note here is that this is not just a server but it’s a server. You are allowed and have access to all resources available on the machine. You will need to install any of the Linux OS installations available and you’ll be able to set your sites up on DigitalOcean. Regardless of which type of hosting you choose, your website will reside on a web server. When someone visits your page, the server’s CPU and Memory will work together to send that visitor the page they requested. There are cases in which your website may use too much CPU or Memory to server those pages, and that is the time you will need to upgrade your account. More articles soon, cheers!

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