Happy Valentine’s day! Calculate your love

Its a velentine’s weekend and today is valentine’s eve ! I hope you all are celebrating it and getting into the mood of valentine’s day tomorrow ! I introduce a very nice tool to calculate your love percentage with the one you have a crush on or with the one you love.

I strictly advice you not to take it lightly if you get low percentage and take it seriously if you get a high percentage and it would be so good if you get percentage around half way.

so…GO, PLAY !

I wish you all of you a Very Happy Valentine’s Day ! and i wish you all get your love this evening !

Pray A Bit For Me Too ! I need it so Badly

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  1. who is the person u want to date this coming FEB14??? true love is a gift .it is a link between heart and mind and the silver thread that binds two people together.<3o.:)<3


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