What’s Happening at The Copy Paste Blog?

Hey everyone! I know, it’s been a long time interacting with you, writing anything good like those good old times this site had and as much as you miss it, so do I. I have been going through a few tough spots, bumps and a lot more things during last one year. It does include some awesome travels and speeches at the events and yes, some tough time on the personal front. Friendship, love issues, quarter life crisis you know, I’m having them altogether! Well here I am, trying to get back up again after falling so hard. I need your help. A little bit of push towards the betterment.

Why So Serious? :)
Why So Serious? 🙂

It’s not that I’ve been totally away from writing. I’ve been writing, writing a lot, traveling places all alone. I’ve actually traveled around 10k in last 50 days and it’s been too much to travel but I really had a tough time finding myself back again. I’m still trying. I’ll keep trying. I’ve been writing a lot about whatever I think about and anything and everything. I could write as much as I want to or as much as I’m asked to but here I’d keep it straight and simple.

I am trying hard to get back to the old routine I had. I need your help. A little push, a few words of motivation, positivity and a bit of support. I’m back, I’ll keep writing, it’ll take me a while to get back to what I was but I’m ready to get back up again and I’d appreciate if you stay here.

I know, I should not be writing such articles and moreover such words which I’m going to write next but I care so less about the rules. So, Oh dear someone, I know you’d read this. So please know, I’ll always be there, like the air you breathe!

Rahul Banker.


  1. It happens rahul and we know that you care so much of ours,It really good.

    We hope that we will get some awesome articles ASAP.

    Will wait and we are always with you 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the motivating words. Well yes, I care too much and maybe that’s the reason why sometimes it becomes too difficult to endure whatever comes but it’s ok, I don’t regret that nature of mine. I’ll continue with what I am but at the same time, try to be the best possible person I can 🙂

      Catch you soon!


  2. I understand where you are coming from mate. It's not easy to steer the wind when you have holes in your ship.

    Long story short: "…and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep."

    The world is waiting, Wake Up and Start Writing.



    1. Yes, you being an elder I am sure you must have gone through a lot and must have learned. I am sure you can understand my position. I’ll keep going as you said, try to become better and better gradually and one day, we can both celebrate together!



  3. Life Tests Those Who are Best At Passing Those Tests.
    Naaa. I hate those same old bull-shit crap talks..

    In recent times I have been going through hell too. Life is all messed up, nothing's working out in my favor.. But the best thing about it is that I did fell.. and fell very badly that it hurt.. Hence I know what it takes to fall and how much pain one suffers… And in future I won't be afraid to fall..
    Becoz ups and downs are the parts of this life… The best is to enjoy and learn from every moment that life has in stake for us… One can't relish the taste of Success, unless they have tasted Failure.. I go by that statement in my life. 🙂
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    1. Ah, your words are surely gonna help. It’s amazing how the more the words I hear for myself, the better I feel. Trust me dude, I’m bouncing back in full force 😀 Gimme few more days 😉 Let’s catch up soon when you’re free 😉


    1. quotes are my life, Jose 😀 but yea, watch me come back real hard 😀 cheers, catch you soon!


  4. When i started using internet the next blog i read after labnol was thecopypasteblog. Wish you recover soon.


    1. oh you’ve no idea how these words from you are making my day a lot better! Thanks a ton : )


  5. Life is wat u make of it…I can understand wat u have been going through.
    Pls keep on writing..urs r d only blogs I read..tkcr…
    U r a fighter bro…..


    1. thanks a lot mate! Yeah, it’s been a tough time but struggling hard and I am sure I can get back on track quickly : )


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