Halloweenify Your Pictures with this Awesome Halloween App by Google Plus

HAHA! This is going to be so fun. You ever wanted to have your pictures in halloween costumes but always felt creepy to wear it or you’ve been lazy to try out the makeup? Well here I have a solution. Google Plus has launched its own tool where you can upload your pictures and halloweenify yourself in no time! Try it out.


Halloweenify is a tool by Google Plus to let their users have fun with their pictures and create some cool looking pictures with halloween makeup. It can also create some spooky look to your pictures if you choose the spooky effect option.

Google has a few hours ago again unlocked two new filters that make a Halloween photo from any photo and turn every face in a (more or less) good zombie face. The software detects the face and the facial features and adds the injury, blood stains and other effects only at the appropriate places. If no face is detected, just a filter is placed over the can affect the photo ancient.

To try it out, you can simply go to http://g.co/halloweenify and upload a picture after selecting the effect of your choice! Have fun, Happy Halloween 😀

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  1. I love the app it looks so cool.


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