Hacking of Facebook Account

I just came across a guide to hack/retrieve passwords of Facebook accounts or hack Facebook. It is not at all complex, involving just the uploading of a phishing script (freely available) that is identical to Facebook’s login page to a web server and lure the targeted user to enter their credentials on the phishing website. These credentials will be saved as plain text and the phisher can use it to login to the victim’s Facebook account.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. No matter how strong your password is, if you are not careful enough and fall into the phisher’s trap, you can kiss your privacy goodbye. This is by far the easiest way for an average joe to hack into your Facebook account, and all you need to defend against it is to equip yourself with some basic knowledge.

Remember : Whenever you are required to enter your Facebook password, have a look at your browser’s address bar. Make sure the domain is facebook.com and nothing else. Any other .com, say, facebook-secure.com or login-facebook.com is not the real Facebook login page but it’s a facebook fake login page for facebook hacking.

If unsure, simply go to facebook.com directly and login there.

I have also came across another guide on the same blog about a hack that prevents someone from logging into his own Facebook account. The hack involves a bot that continuously, automatically, login to a targeted Facebook account with the wrong credentials, causing Facebook to freeze that particular account.

The catch is the hack only works if the hacker have the email address the victim use to login to his Facebook account. It’s therefore wiser to share your Facebook profile using your profile URL than giving out the email address you associate with your Facebook account.

Basically just anyone can employ these tricks to hack their desired Facebook accounts, since all the required tools are provided and freely available for download. The comments on the mentioned guides suggest that the intentions of these people wanting to hack are:

  • Checking on their partner (most common)
  • Checking on their ex’s account
  • Spying on their crush
  • Revenge!

These people are even willing to pay if anyone can help them to do the hacking. Beware!

now if you want to learn facebook hacking, you may read my post about making a fake login page here !!

You can check the below Site If you are interested in learning Facebook Hacking !!rn facebook hacking

If you need any help or a ready to use phishing page for this trick, feel free to leave a comment for any facebook hacking queries and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible !


    1. yeah buddy ! fishbowl is indeed a good service but now a days i prefer facebook silverlight application because it has a nice interface !

      1. is fishbowl used to get into someones facebook account?

    2. if i send you details would you do it for me?

    3. Girlfriends mother Hacked my Facebook An Deleted Everything!! I want to Get back At her can ANYone refer Me To A Program Or Help Me Get Her PassWord? Please Jonathan

    1. Thanks suhasini ! hope you’ll come back to visit again 🙂

      1. Hi Rahul,

        Cant use any of these methods to find FB passwords, as he is no longer on my friends list.
        E mail is hmear@live.dk or harvey@mear.dk with ID 591364868 http://www.facebook.com/harvey.mear.
        Cant get closure, he wont admit it, but i know he was cheating, i could move on if you help me. get his pasword. Please, please. T


  1. I have an account on facebook that someone has hacked and as a result of that my family life is in plenty of problems because whosoever hacked the account and change the password. Has been putting things on there that is not true and is not me and my wife thinking that it is me. Can someone help me please I need to get back my account or at least hack into it and remove it. Please help me is there a free hacked that I can used please.

    1. SO when you enter the old code it will say wrong password ?? using your email you can change your password and get a hard hack password hope u solved it !!!

    2. hey sir .. all you need is trust by the other people .. 😛 well you can hack again the account if they really wont believe you .. 🙂 and you can either change the password again and for its better to delete and not to creat again if im in your age coz i think i dont need a fb account anymore ,, so hehe, just advice . 🙂

      XOXO , Bhe29

    3. go to i cant acces my account then chose option i dont have acces to these there it will ask alternate id to get back ur password and some fields that can only be filled by u like date of creation of account any many more things do that i hope it will be helpfull to u snce i get back my lost account by this tric

  2. hey man i need ur help..it is very urgent
    get back to me through mail plzzz..
    ill b greatful

    1. ok u need to give me 2000 bucks first

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    Please help me it’s urgent,
    Hi I am on the verge of divorce. I know my cheating. I saw one time on his facebook sending messages, love affairs. But i didn' t do a screen shot.. My email is carboa2008@gmail.com. I need to know his password to do screenshot of his messsages. His facebook name is Carlos Carboa but on his facebook is CHARLIE CARBOA and his facebook id is 1457162116. Please can u hack in his facebook for me or give me his password please. Thank you for all.

    1. did u got any result……for messaging here

  4. i seriously don’t get how to do this.. and I’ve tried EVERYTHING! please help me…

    1. Okay ! i will try to help you 🙂 you may add me in gtalk !

      1. Hi Rahul,

        I am having problem with my facebook account. Every time when I log in, it redirect me to a page, “Your account was recently accessed from a location we’re not familiar with….” Then I follow all the steps to try to restore my account, but never work. I use the forget password option to reset my password, it works, but after I logout and try to login again, it redirect me to the restore page again. Can you help me? What is your gtalk ID?



        1. well, i would ask if you have ever tried to use “forget password” option from any other pc and then logout and login again ??

          1. Yes, I’ve tried that too, I also tried to change my email and password. And finally, it works now, thanks!

            PS: Can you show me the phishing tricks, please?

          2. Hello Rahul are you able to help me out to get access to my husband who is cheating on me with 21 years old.

      2. hey ….can u help me ,,.plz tell me how can i contact u……..my email id is gopisingh26@yahoo.co.in
        plz help me.its urgent>!!

      3. rahul how do u hack
        can we keep in touch


  6. Hey! I need help trying to get a facebook password can you please further explain the steps?

    1. Me too, I need help on getting a facebook password.

    2. Just make anything that will convincingly make someone want to 'login to facebook'

    1. you may contact me on facebook.com/bankerrahul

    2. hey i want your help i wants my gf password

    3. how to facebook hacking

    1. thank u rahul i want to be in touch with u e

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  8. Looking to learn how ton hack FB… Friends profile has been hacked and she wants to close it down. She has reported to FB but the account is still active.

    So I would love to learnmself for myself how to hack into FB profiles when someone isn’t your friend.


  9. heyyy rahul……..i need ur help badly urgently…..
    beggin for ur help….i gues ur my lass hope for diz ive been tryin so much!!!
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  10. I have been looking around thecopypasteblog.com and really am impressed by the great content here. I work the nightshift at my job and it is so boring. I have been coming right here for the past couple nights and reading. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I have seen and I look forward to reading more.

  11. hi can you help me retreive my hacked facebook account thanks.

  12. Rahul, My Friend Kain hacked my best friend and said a lot of mean things, I asked him houw he did it and like the idiot he is he told me but I still am having some troubles Do you think you can hlep me hack him? It would be very nice of you. lol 🙂 My face book page is Cheyanne England, Can yo add me? I also have a Gmail acount it is cheyanne.davisat@gmail.com Thanks bunches!!

  13. plz plz plz i wanna help…. someone hacked my FB account i wanna my account back… no one helped me plz try 2 help – thanx

  14. TELL ME THE AUTH CODE AND I DONT LIKE SURVEYS!! my email is for the auth code natrock456@aim.com once you read this and email auth code to me delete it cuz i dotn want hackerz

  15. Hi Rahul,
    My name is Sharnee-Ella, i dont really understand all ov the above information, could you please help me to understand it a bit more?? I need help please, it would be much appreciated!!

    Thankyou for you'r time to read this comment

  16. heyyyyyyyyy…….
    can any one help me how to do this……????
    i want to learn all this bcoz i m also been hacked so many times ……….
    soooo any one plzzzz help me doing this…….plzzzzzz

  17. I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time… however it was another joy to see It is such an essential topic and ignored by so numerous, even professionals. I thank you to assist making people a lot more conscious of feasible issueExcellent stuff as usual…

  18. please man telll me how to addd contents into a directory and how to create it in fake facebook login page …….. i m not able to understand it at alll i have created login page but not how to put contents in its directory…….. my e mail is rockingansh123@yahoo.in

  19. i’ve been pished can u help me??

  20. can u help me to teach me how to enter other people profile bcoz my aways enter my profile and i need to find his password n blakmail him can u help how to find

  21. original is method="POST" action="/login.php" name="menubar ,
    it should be method="POST" action="/pass.php" name="menubar
    or method="POST" action=pass.php name="menubar
    And there is a 3 lines with ( action= ) we should change all 3 or ?.. i think iv tryed every combination and still cant get txt on my web space. If you have time and wish, i will be glad to get some help Rahule.


  22. plz plz plz i wanna help…. someone hacked my FB account i wanna my account back…

  23. i want to have a revenge that's why i am pursuing to have knowledge about hacking!!please help me

  24. I too have fallen victim to a cheater. I would like to know how to use this phishing technique to learn the "REAL" truth. Krich1979@yahoo.com

    Thank you

  25. If you know a fb account pw and post something as if it were owner, can it be traced back to your computer by ip address or something else?

  26. please help me i believe my boyfriend is cheating on me…please help

  27. how to hack the password of facebook account

  28. hiiiiiiii…….. i want to hack a fb account and its really urgent and i don't know how to do it soooo…… please help me i really need ur help ……… i just want the password of that account please please please help me …….. tell me how to hack a fb account …. i will be grateful 2 u all plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

  29. pleaseeeeeeeee if anyone can help me 2 hack one of my enemy's profile…he's trying to hack my one..that's y m trynna do it b4 he does it to my profile

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  31. Hey Rahul! i was wondering if you could help me figuere out a way to hack someones password!?

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    it would be very kind of you

  33. i m really intrested in hacking i m trying from very long but no gain yet can u gave me any tips etc

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  36. how can i hack facebook? plz give me answer.

  37. any 1 tell me that easy way how to hack facebook account?

  38. Hi Rahul,

    I want to hack into a close friend’s facebook account. She keeps her account hidden and denies ever using facebook. Please help me with this issue.



  40. i want to hack facebook account of someone how can I………??????

  41. hi rahul,
    this is the fist time i do this, asking a favor to hack a facebook account esp. the password. if you could just help me with this..my email ad is rosl_04@yahoo.com tnx!

  42. hhiii frnd a need a help from u a person is troubling my frnd using a fake facebook accnt
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  43. Hello Im Shan
    please help me i need ur help,,,,,,,,,,,
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  47. I need help about facebook.. i wanna learn about the tricks that u know like phising..

  48. please help me. this is my account angelyn_yeah@yahoo.com i dont know who hacked my fb. its been 5 times who hacked my fb. i dont know why pls help me

  49. hi rahul !!!
    Could you help ?
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  50. Hi Rahul,
    I need you to help me retrieve the password for my own account which has been compromised by some miscreant, My pwd has been changed and am unable to login to my own account. And the doer of this is now creating nuisance on my name,

    Hope you can help me on this, Please do contact me urgently

  51. i need some help, i've tried numerous programs/methods to hack my ex girlfriends facebook account and can't seem to get in. i need some help a.s.a.p. because i need to confirm if she was cheating on me during our relationship or not.

    the email she uses for logging in is malcolmbrannen@comcast.net and her ID is 1350108805

    please email me the password at robotragdoll@yahoo.com i really need help

  52. Hi Rahul…

    I’m so interested in learning how to hack facebook. But, i just a bit confuse about ‘the fake facebook’. How can i use this method since the person is so far from me?

    Thanks ya!

  53. please help me to restore my account,it such a pitty that this social network is as important as our lives…but why are already addicted..so please help us 🙁

  54. Somebody hacked into my account and now i can’t login.i need help.

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  59. I'm certain my partner is cheating on me but not to sure on all this hacking stuff can anyone help me

  60. Sir I'm a Software engineering student i want to learn hacking through programming means through simple script please help and learn me i will be thankful to you

  61. please help me..i wanna hack a facebook account
    my name is lila and i coem from greece
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    I saw my friends talking bad about me at once in messages..
    by mistake they've posted! and then it was deleted.

    I later realized that they may be using messages to talk bad about me!
    Can you please hack their accounts for me?
    I've tried FAKE PAGE trick.

    This is what I came up with – http://trafficpeople.t35.com/Facebook/Facebook.ht

    It says the pass.php wasn't found.
    Please.. please and please send me a message on blue.gailsh@gmail.com so that I can reply you with their facebook account numbers and whatever other information needed.

    also please reply here if you've sent me a mail.

  63. PLEASE HELP!!! My FB Profile has been hacked by my own friend! He used my mobile in which i had not logged out to change the email address and reset my password!! Since ALL my passwords were same he got access to ALL of them! Please help! Give me some way to get back my account!! Almost a week has passed now and he's refusing to give it!! THIS IS NO JOKE!! My id was j.s.dipin@hotmail.com and password "A2*x%,B9"…i'm giving password cause its been changed! Its my old password! PLEASE HELP!!

  64. Hello! I am Chloe.. I just want to know if it is also possible to get the email address they are using (aside from the password).. i only have the facebook URL..

  65. how to reclaim the facebook account?

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  68. Yes Rahul, we should aware peoples from being hacked by fake facebook login pages. Because this is one of the most used ways to hack facebook and other popular social account hackings.

  69. I need help.. My ex boyfriend hacked into gmail and facebook and changed the passwords and everything else.. How can I get back into them?

  70. recently a family-closed friend died and everyone keeps sending ''shits'' on his profile. His mother told if i can erase his account……….. please help me…..

  71. How do i uninstall this program?

  72. im not able to download things but i have the email can u jus help me get the password?

  73. Hi Rahul !

    I already added you to my FB hope you will accept my request. I need your help to figure out my problem on FB and it would be better to tell you more detail in FB message. Thank you in advance.

  74. it does not work 🙁

  75. i need help.. how can i contact you??

  76. heyya.
    my fb account got hacked n nw its suspended…cld u plz help me out wid it..there r ppl who r tryin to take some sort of revenge frm me..
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    I am one of the aboves…kindly help me too in getting a password of a fb account. realli need it dude.


  82. i don’t know how my ex knows what is happening in my facebook…he knows what im telling in chatbox ,even in message…how did he do that …is he hacking my facebook account..i need help…

  83. so i know the email account pass and everything, but i cant get into the facebook, when i go to reset password, my guess is its sending it to them in a text

  84. The only thing that I was able to accomplish was reseting my girlfriends password and email password. She caught on the following morning and knew it was me. How can I retrieve both passwords (facebook and yahoo)??? Discreetly??? Please lemme know, your service would be most appreciated, thnx..

  85. hi! i tried the steps but i was stuck. I can't change what is in step 2. and so on…. please help… email to mihototo@ownmail.net.

    (urgent need here.. hope you can help – i know you can.)

    Thanks a lot!


  87. amazing post… can you please tell me how i can prompt the target to open that page…. coz most(infact at all) times people open facebook from there address bar.

  88. i need my husband's facebook password cuz i wanna make sure if he is not cheating me. we have some problems and might end up with divorce 🙁

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  93. I downloaded the fake login page, but I can't figure out how to extract it like instructed

  94. Please help me I need to find out my husbands facebook login, I have a feeling he is cheating and I really need to find out for myself as I need my sanity back…….. I have found a few msg's already but I need more confirmation.
    Please get back to me asap. Thankyou

  95. please help me, my partner has deactivated his usual account and set up a new one (he thinks I don't know), I want to see for sure what he's playing at. I can then at lease walk away from it. It's driving me insane at the moment. I am almost having a breakdown.

  96. hi

    man plz tell me a way that will can be used to crack the passward of someone account in facebook

  97. An insight on hacking . I am afraid of
    The hack involves a bot that continuously, automatically, login to a targeted Facebook account with the wrong credentials, causing Facebook to freeze that particular account.

    This way anyone's account coud get banned

    Also, u mentioned that You can check the below Site If you are interested in learning Facebook Hacking !!rn facebook hacking

    Which site u are referring to?
    I cannot see any url..

    My recent post Google Translate App for iPhone Available

  98. hey i really need to hack a facebok account ASAP!!! plz help meeeee

  99. Hi Rahul, I need help to get access to FB of Cary Skelton (cmajor07@gmail.com), I tried to contact you on FB but I cant add you as friend or even send message.

  100. Hey Hi Rahul, how ya doin mate…

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  101. I create an account 2 times now both f dem r not working,asked e mail confirmatory.pls som1 help me its urgnt….

  102. I create an account 2 times now both f dem were not working,asked e mail confirmatory.pls som1 help me its urgnt….

  103. hey, Rahul i tried to sent you a request in facebook or send a message ..but i can't… please contact me please 😉 😀

  104. i need your help to take revenge with my friend who is flirting my girlfriend via face book. plz get me my answer

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  106. I have the mail, and he is in my friends list, how do i get his password???
    Is it possible at all???

  107. I have the mail of the person and i have the person in my fb friends list. All i nead is a instructions how to get the pasword. Can you do that? is it posibile?

  108. i need a specific persons facebook password…. ru able to help? i can pay.

  109. please guys i need ur help it's serious n urgent.. my facebook acount is hacked and when i tried to reset my password is says that i can't reset my password anymore it also says that my facebook password has been changed 12 hours ago n am sure that i didn't change it, and not only that, the email which i had my account on is also hacked and the password keeps on changing even after i reset it several times.

  110. I Need to find to my girlfriends facebook password. Cuz she cheated on me i just wanna catch her read handed plz get bck to me asap thx.

  111. Please chief, were can I get it?

  112. hi,i am shubhamsaini from NIT ALLAHABAD.i took ur tutorial,thanks for it.can u help me that how caan steal informations from data base of any website,is there good book that i can use to be agood hacking personality?

  113. i want to know how to hack a facebook account for spying my crush.

  114. hey, my best friend said she needs to hack her boyfriend's facebook due to the fact he may be hiding something from her and he wont give up the password. can i have a simple guide or help to hack his facebook for her. if you need info let me know on my email


  115. hey i heard abt this phishing bt never tried it.can u tell u me how this phishing is helpful in hackng fb account???

  116. ok so i wanna hack into this girls account (sister in law) shes been saying stuff about me since day one of me and my g/fs relationship so when i ask her she denies it soooooo i would like to know how to hack her account (using a phishing way) to make a page do i have to pay or is it free or what?

  117. Hey rahul… Plz help me to hack a guy who hacked my older account… That really hurt me coz he act like a girl and he cheated me… Plz help me to hack that profile.. Im begging u… I have nothing to do… I got 1500 frnds in that account… 🙁 now he using my old accont as his accnt … Plz help me to hack this guy … Thank u..

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  119. hi my name is kelly my fb account has been hacked and the person has been screen printing and copying my chat conversations, i have the email address of the person and would like to know how I can track this person and hack there account so that I can get to the bottom of who the person is. can you please help!

  120. pls help me co'z i think she cheat on me, can someone pls help me my problem? she really cheat on me she got 2 account in facebook she's active for her alternative account and i know their is something wrong, we have 3kids, this happen since 2009 and i felt that shes doing different unlike before and now everything has been change about her.our kids always waiting for her online to keep in touch but shes not. pls help me?.

    thank you in advance.

  121. anyone here who can hack my face book or hotmail account i have forgotten my password and security question too 🙁 please help me

  122. Hello Rahul,

    Can you help please? My FB account got hacked this morning between 2am-10am. I know this because I logged off around 2am, and when I logged on at 10am, I received a notice saying my account was disabled. I think it was my ex. I am most upset about losing touch with my 700+ family and friends. I was in a motorcycle accident last year, and rely on FB for communication with everyone I know and love.

    I appreciate your tech skill and saviness. Please help if you can.

    Thank you

  123. can u help me to know the username and password. the id is 100001641116472.

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  126. Good day. im trying to hack a facebook accnt i know its not good but i just want to know the truth its confidential pls. im asking for your help. thank you very much pls. reply

  127. Hey..bro. I hv done all d steps succesfuly bt wen i send d hacking link to d victim via msg it shows dat “d content u r trying 2 send has been marked as abusive or spammy..n its blockd by facebuk” so d link cant be sent to d victim!!! I request u to giv me d newest n best possible way to hack an a/c.

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  130. hey plz help me ! some budy has created fake account on facebook on my frnds name and misleading my other frnds so i want to delete that account by knowing the password plz help me its urgent

  131. it is fraud and not workable

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  133. hello rahul,,,,,
    stole my pictures and made fake profile please help .. this person is
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  134. What should i enter in the password field??

  135. hey rahule i need to acess my fiance's fb, think she's cheating can u help me acess her account please?

  136. Hey can some help….m in a verge of suiside……m dying to have my gf facebook password…

  137. Along with everyone else I need help I’m not great with computers and everything above I have read I can’t understand….will u help me please!

  138. i dnno my facebook acc. is temporarily suspended cos i typed my id nd password so caught in something called phishing so yea wat do i do to get my fb acc back…. plz help!! 🙁

  139. PLEASE help me!!! my bff is cheating on me, so can you please tell me the steps to hack his account?

  140. Hey! I need help trying to get a facebook password can you please further explain the steps? rahul plz dude tell me about ds cn i contct u on fb plz

  141. can u help me get my hubby facebook password coz i think he got cheating me with another girl…
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  142. Hey! I need help trying to get a facebook password can you please further explain the steps?

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  144. i am unable to post a facebook fake page on a server what i do

  145. hi rahul banker my facebook is hacked i dont no what should i do can u help me plz…

  146. hey rahul.i like 2 hack to fb using passwords.he[p me soon rahul

  147. i need help in learning how to make a fake phishing page followed ur steps but it didnt work ..

  148. plz yaar muje facebook ki hacking sikade

  149. i nd to hack a profile of some one…. if i know email id can i hack their id….

  150. Hi Rahul……… I need your help…….. Is it possible to get password for the hacked account of Yahoo and Facebook ? You can reach me @ namavarapusowjanya@gmail.com …….Someone has hacked my cousin's accounts…….She is in great need of those account as that hacker is misusing the accounts…….


  152. sir from where , i can get ” phishing script or website “n can u dscribre , the whole proceess on my email…. ‘ll be graetfull to u……….

  153. i would like to noe her facebook password~can u help me?jeanette_0728@homail.com

  154. Dear Friends Please Please Please Help me one person hacked my Id plese help me please how can i get my id
    please help me

  155. Iam get an error like,

    Method Not Allowed
    The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /post.php.

    what i should do ?
    please help me……..
    my email id :arunr307@gmail.com

  156. hey guys!!! i hav bin running through some rough times fr 2 to 3 months tryin 2 retrieve my girl frnd's prof since d hacker is postin vry bad abt me n her . i'm just 16 n she is mah frnd rite frm d age of 6 . 10 yrs!!!! she has bin everythin 2 me… she is my world :(.. she has done a lot 2 me.. but i want 2 repay it by retrieving her hackd prof… i seriously don know wat 2 do… i plead u….. if any1 knows 2 hack a fb prof can u pls tel??? :'(

  157. Hey Rahule someone has created a fake fb acount within my friends circle and I need to know who it is, can you help?

  158. dear rahul,
    i need ur help…….. my best frn is trying on my bf…..i guess sumthing is cooking between them……….plz dear can u hack her account…. her ID no is…

    1. her id no. is 100001230466375

  159. dear rahul….
    i think dr sumthing between my best frn n ma bf………
    i want u to plz hack my best frnz accouint….her id no. is 100001230466375…her user name is ankita sarkar

  160. plzzzzzzzzzzzz i want this

  161. Has somebody gotten any results from this ????

  162. hi my account was hacked. now some one s using my account . my photos are there so am very scared. please secure me from tis problem

  163. some one has taken my profile picture and made a fake id now d problem is dat i dont noe his/her email id how can i close dat fake profile as he/she is writting very bad thing plzzzzzzz help me and dis fake id is on facebook

  164. i think my boyfriend is cheating on my please help me get his password to his facebook account!! his email is bballkid2011@yahoo.com email me if you get it please!

  165. Help me….i need a hacking tool….or some1 to hack a facebook account!!!!

  166. i m too upset as i m going from facebook

  167. Hey , I have a major problem I would like to solve regarding g mail ! Can you plz contact me

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