Google’s Own Fitness App Google Fit is Now Available in Play Store

The mountain view company has responded to Apple’s healthkit with its own fitness app Google Fit which was unveiled back in June during Google I/O 2014 in its beta version which has now been made open to public for all Android devices which also includes android wear and the good part? it is also available on the web!

All you do is install the app on your phone, hook it up with your Google account, and Google Fit tracks everything, while serving up stats of your week-to-week and day-to-day activities.


Google keeps track of your daily physical activities such as walking, running and cycling and is compatible with many third-party tracker and all devices with Android Wear. You can also set daily goals, get advice about it and even see your profile from any browser through a dedicated web address.


For developers, all the APIs of Google fit are now available and that allows developers to upload fitness data to a central repository where users can access their data from different devices and apps in one location.

When it was launched back in June, it already had confirmed partners like HTC, LG, RunKeeper, Withings, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic and Polar. So, all the devices will be able to sync data with Google fit and across all devices.

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