Google to Allow Trademarks as Keywords in Adwords Campaigns WorldWide

The news relatively went unnoticed but it was something important from Google Adwords’ side. Earlier this week, Google announced an important update about usage of the trademarks as keywords in adwords campaigns all across the world including in China, Brazil, Australia. Starting April 23, Google will allow trademarks as keywords in AdWords campaigns worldwide affected by the revised policy by Google Adwords.


According to the new revised policy, Google will no longer prevent advertisers from selecting a third party’s trademark as a keyword in ads targeting. Starting 23 April 2013, keywords that were restricted as a result of a trademark complaint and investigation will no longer be restricted in the affected regions. If you have an existing complaint on file that includes both keywords and ad text in one of the affected regions, Google will continue to restrict use of your trademark in ad text.

Google has made a policy revision that applies to complaints we receive regarding the use of trademarks as keywords. Starting on 23 April 2013, keywords that were restricted as a result of a trademark investigation will no longer be restricted in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Brazil.

In simple words, this update can be explained as here : Nike can start running AdWords campaigns based on search terms like ‘Adidas’ or ‘Reebok’ starting April 23, even in countries like China or Brazil where it was restricted to do so up until now.

This is a positive news for bloggers because this change will relatively increase the cost-per-click rates and that’ll advantage the bloggers to earn more money from their websites or blogs. If you have any questions about this policy, You can email to

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