Google launches Cardboard Room: panoramic shots in virtual reality

Google launches Cardboard Room, an application for Android dedicated to your viewer for virtual reality Google Cardboard , which will delight the owners of this particular gadget and make it an object of desire for all others.

The latest idea of Google, just Cardboard Room, delivers a 360 ° panoramic shots in a 3D environment through the above display, so as to create a virtual environment to be saved on your device to review whenever you want.During the “construction” of our virtual environment the application would include items such as depth of field and the projection of slightly different images to each of our eyes, with the aim to faithfully recreate the feeling of being an environment in three dimensions.


Google Cardboard House is already available for download on the Play Store . To run the application, you’ll need a 3D viewer Google Cardboard;  you can find such a specialist on Amazon  in its many variations.

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