Google DevFest Ahmedabad 2014 Live Blog

Google Developers Group, Ahmedabad is all set to rock this Sunday with it’s Google Devfest 2014 conference. The excitement builds up at a totally different level as the countdown begins to one of the biggest Tech events in Gujarat. We at TCPB are ready to cover this event live which will include two tracks, the mobile and the web track. We hope to see some amazing sessions by some great speakers.

Google devfest ahmedabad 2014 live blog

GDG DevFest (Developers’ Festival) is a large, community-run event that can offer speaker sessions across multiple product areas sharing the knowledge and resources about latest trends, technologies and developments. It is open for all developers and tech-enthusiasts.

Even in 2013 last year, Google Devfest was a success as a part of GDayX in which sessions like HTML5 App development, App promotion, becoming a successfull entrepreneur in 21st century and lots more were conducted.

Each GDG DevFest will be inspired by and uniquely tailored to the needs of the developer community that hosts it. While no two events will be exactly alike, each GDG DevFest will, at its core, be powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.

The invitation to host a GDG DevFest is extended to active GDG chapters. It is the biggest and grand annual event of the GDG Chapter. So here we are to make sure that you don’t miss out a single moment of action and bring you all the live talks and images or demos which are happening at the Google Devfest Ahmedabad 2014, stay tuned below!

Live Blog Google Devfest Ahmedabad 2014


Live Blog Google Devfest Ahmedabad 2014


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