Google vs. Apple: Two Ways to Live Your Smartphone

After the presentation of the Nexus 5 , we have a better idea of what will be the devices most talked-about in the coming months. If on the one hand, there is Apple with its iPhone 5S , on the other we have the Giant Google pulls out a seductive Nexus 5. The creed of the two companies is decidedly at odds , but not for this can not and should not share the same battlefield.

From this hypothetical “war”, I have decided to remove the iPhone 5C . Do you want to that is a real unknown for Apple itself or the fact that it is not representative of the “philosophy of life” of the house of Cupertino, I preferred to bet decided on the successor to the mythical iPhone 5.

Google vs. Apple: Two Ways to Live Your Smartphone

Corporate decisions, but not only. Two real ways of conceiving the same product, with totally different points of view. Shapes, materials and company policies that have collected on behalf of the millions of users around the world. On the one hand, we believe Apple loyalists, who have by their firm belief that the house of Cupertino still represents the best currently available on the market. The new iPhone 5S is once again the same (very valuable) iPhone last year with a splash of novelty.

High-quality materials, hardware and slightly enhanced many limitations but also many advantages. Just put an S in the right place to unleash the buying spree of millions of users, perhaps with a new hue that highlights even more the novelty factor. No denying it, the iPhone is always iPhone . These “new” have once again captured the public, convincing him once again, that $849 was the right price for listening to the voice of his passion.

Of course, far be it from me to pass judgment on this kind of choice, but as ever this year, there is a real alternative to the dominance of Cupertino.

This alternative does not come from the world of Android in general the same as last year, but must be sought directly from the source. We are obviously talking about Google , which with a pre marketing strategy especially guessed, was able to create the right hype around his new product. In truth, the agonizing wait, was created both for the new operating system Android 4.4 KitKat , both for the coveted Nexus 5 . Both products were highly anticipated by fans of the brand Android, but also piqued the interest of some Apple customer.

On the other hand to fight a war as it should, it is good to know your contender, maybe even to find the right confirmations for purchase just did. We understand the amazement of all those who have found themselves with a Nexus 5 to $399 directly on the play store, a price that has shaken even the convictions of the staunchest supporters of the brand of the bitten apple. A terminal with a top price of low-end. How is it possible? Simple, just give up quality materials and frills (someone said touch ID?) To find themselves in his hands a product full of substance and with the right charm. Just the substance is one of the things that struck most potential buyers of this Nexus, especially if combined with a sale price of nothing short of ridiculous. Suffice it to say that with $749 you can safely buy two Nexus 5, maybe even with the addition of some excellent cover.

Two real ways of conceiving the same product, with totally different points of view All these factors, combined with a rumoured operating system (call it as a famous snack was a genius), has led many people to make the purchase almost with their eyes closed. I can not deny that choose Nexus 5 is a smart choice , especially for those who do not have too many resources. Sell ??a real top of the range $399 is something that only Google could do. Obviously the results were not long in coming. Currently the Nexus 5 has reached the waiting time ben2 / 3 weeks. This reminds you of something?

Two different philosophies but also very similar to each other, especially as regards the strength of their beliefs. Two companies that have made ??their own beliefs, a real lifestyle . This is reflected, inevitably, to their customers, rather than aggressive hands and prepared to defend their choices. Internet is already full of fanboy clashes between the two sides, a war “silent” which has already extended to various social networks.

I, for my part, I remain at the right distance, enjoying this period of turmoil in the right way with my HTC One 😉


  1. Nice article Rahul. The 5C is definitely out of league of this corporate war between a fruit and robot for the funky looks and premium price. Not much for the Indian markets and VFM tag. And yeah, congrats for your new 'One' 😉


    1. Thank you so much for the read. Happy to still have readers interested in my writings 🙂

      Thanks for the One! It’s a whole different feeling when you “earn” it!


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