Google AdSense Improves Banning and Appeal Process

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Sometimes, I browse forums about AdSense and I find so many people complaining about the ban they got and well, even this blog was banned by AdSense a few months back but all well as I’ve got the ban reversed. Back to the point, AdSense is known for not providing a valid or a satisfying reason I can say when they ban the publishers but here’s a good news : Google AdSense has announced an improvement in the banning and appealing process for the Google AdSense publishers.

Here’s a summary of the announcement by Google :

  1. Google will consider the tenure and age of the account and if that is good enough, it may just suspend instead of terminating the publisher and work on fixing the problem.
  2. Google will provide more detailed transparency in case of invalid activity via email help or AdSense console.
  3. Google now have a  new, detailed and an easy Google AdSense Appeal form.
  4. Google has also improved their Google AdSense academy.

To me, the changes looks welcoming and good but only the time will tell if the improvement really works. So far, they surely looks good.

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Rahul BankerGoogle AdSense Improves Banning and Appeal Process