Generate a QRCode Having WiFi Details for Easy Access to Guests

Do you have many guests coming at your home/office? Then they must be troubling you for the wifi access around your place and it’s not that cool to keep giving details to everyone. So, what’s cool? Well, you can generate a QRCode and all your guests have to do is to just scan it and it’ll connect them to your wifi network! It’s a seriously cool stuff. Check the details below.

“Hey, what’s your wifi password?” I am sure you all must have asked this question at least somewhere. Not anymore. Simply generate a QRCode and frame it on your wall just as I’ve done it at my office. Have your friends/Guests scan at their leisure to snag your digital network’s information.

QRCode for wifi access

Just for the information, the QRCode contains information about the network SSID and password. Now the question is, how to do this for yourself? Well, Head over to this website and fill in your correct information, generate and Print. You’re done 😉

Let me know how you like it. Cheers and wishing you a very Happy Holidays!


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