Free Complete WordPress Blog Setup

The first question you will get in your mind while reading this will be “Why to let me install WordPress for you when it is just a one click install process?” well, if you think it is just a one click install and you’re ready to blog, then you are thinking wrong! Its easy to install but to maximize the benefits and potential of your new blog, you need the plugins, and extra features that I offer.


I don’t brag but if you’re following me and my blog, you must be knowing that I have a very strong background of SEO and in-depth knowledge of WordPress and now you have a chance of taking advantage of my knowledge. With my guide, I can make your WordPress blog more SEO Friendly, and user targeted, so you can maximize the potential that it has.

And as it is said, It’s better to take help from the person who has already made the mistake you’re going to do and stop wasting time to make that same mistake again! If you’re starting a new blog, I know that you will be a newbie and I was once a newbie as well so I know how a blog evolve and each and everything of it now. I understand the frustration one goes through therefore I am offering professional help for you, so you can have a professional blog.

If you are still not convinced then you can read my articles about SEO and WordPress and chose me afterwards. Well, below is what I’m offering you in this free WordPress setup package :

  1. Complete WordPress Installation (WordPress, Plugin, Permalinks, Settings)
  2. Optimize your Blog for Search Engines and Tips to increase your Search Engine Ranking Position + Free e-books
  3. Making your blog secured by some personal tweaks
  4. Automated backup Daily or weekly (If you want to)
  5. Setup Professional email service
  6. Setup Feedburner and embed it on your blog (This might require more information from you)
  7. Free email support for a month’s time after installation

I have been installing WordPress ever since I started blogging and have done number of installation for others as well as for my sites and now that I’m good enough in this thing, I think I should give and take advantage of it.

Why Free?

This question is an obvious one when someone is offering a free service. Well, You will be surprised when I tell you that there is no catch in this service. You are not going to be paying us a single penny.

All I ask from you is to buy your hosting service from the Web hosting I recommend and I’m partnered with and once you buy your hosting from that, the hosting company will be giving me some commission. So not only you are getting a good web hosting deal which you were going to pay for anyways, you are also getting our service entirely free which will boost your blog to the next level.

Now if you’re all set to Proceed >>>  Choose your Web Hosting Provider. If you already have a host and want to just get this service then you can request a quote.


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  5. Nice post to gives complete information about WordPress Blog Setup.So,it is very interesting post for me.


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