Make Free Call on Facebook to Your Friends with Vivox

Vivox, a company that already works with some games, and websites of success. This service, which would allow us not only to connect us with our friends, chat, even let us talk for free with them, as if we were calling them on their mobile phone, and then create audio conferences.

Have you been looking for a way to call your Facebook friends on your iPhone or your Android device? Haven’t figured out their numbers yet? A new solution from Vonage offers free calls to all you Facebook friends who, virally, have downloaded the same app. The calls work over WiFi and 3G/4G networks.

How does Vivox work to make free call on Facebook

Vivox Voice, is completely free and very easy to use, but presents an “obstacle”, if you really want to call it, in fact, to ensure that everything works, you need to install a plug-in. This plug-in, must therefore necessarily be installed by both sides. Vivox Voice, has already been very successful, in fact, their statistics, it appears, which has approximately 7500 active users per month and supplies to each of them more than 2 billion minutes of calls, always a month, in 180 states and more than 15 million users. With Vivox Voice you can talk with up to 100 people at a time, maybe the sound is not the best but this depends on the connection of users.

How to install the plug-in Vivox Voice

To install the plug-in, it takes only four steps, then a matter of minutes. Here are explained below, the steps to be made:

  1. Page link Vivox Voice on Facebook, to log in, and click “Go application,
  2. Download and install the plug-in, to begin using the service,
  3. Enter his own channel,
  4. Invite their friends to speak, as I said before, however they will also have your procedure done the same.

That’s the simple method you’ll need to follow in order to be able to make free call on facebook to your friends using vivox. Let me know if this method helps. Thanks.


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