Facebook Releases a New Beta with Saving Photos and Much More

After a long time spent in mediocrity Facebook seems to have taken seriously their Android application, and, thanks to the feedback obtained through the new beta testing program (Go here after the following link) , wants to bring tangible improvements to it. This new beta announced today follows that of the 3.4 version , released a few days in the stable version . Let’s see the changes made ??in the update today.


  • Saving Photos : Option has been added to save photos from the image viewer
  • Menu Bar : Removed the menu bar at the bottom of the app for devices that do not have a physical menu button
  • Scrolling notifications : coming to the end of the recent notifications, the older ones will be loaded automatically
  • Uploading photos in the newsfeed : Solved a problem that makes some people see empty spaces where there should be photos
  • Bug Fix: Solved some of the problems that caused the application to crash
  • Facebook Home : If you use Facebook Home, the status bar will be shown by default in the top of the lockscreen

The Facebook Team warns us that not all the news described features may be available from the start, in fact, could be activated to come gradually; also no news about the new graphics that some of the beta testers (not me) have received in the previous version , this update should be available on Google Play, assuming that you have joined the beta program for Facebook.

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  1. Hi Rahul.
    Fcebook has to update and bring out new versions for their mobile versions , cause its desktop users have tremendously declined. In order to retain its hold on social media users Facebook needs to bring such platforms to mobile users.


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