Facebook Fake Login Page/Fake Login Script

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Are you curious to “hack facebook password” well then this post is just for you,Most people ask me to tell us the easiest way to hack facebook password,so here are some ways to hack facebook password:

1.Facebook phishing


3.Facebook new features


But i will explan you the method which has a great success

Update:Due to recent complains i have elobrated the post and change the login script to hack facebook password please check it out

Today we will focus on the But i will explan you the method which has a great success rate and is very easy to use i.e Phishing or fake login page

Fake login page

A Fake Login Page is a page that exactly resembles the original login page of sites like Yahoo,Gmail etc.

However, these Fake login pages are created just for the purpose of stealing other’s passwords.

To learn more about facebook hacking, You may click the Image below :


[pwal id="65658934" description="First of all, Download the file by unlocking below"]First of all download facebook fake login page from here[/pwal]


1.once you have downloded facebook fake login page now extract contents in a folder

2.In that. open “pass.php” and find (CTRL+F) ‘http://thecopypasteblog.com‘ then change it to’http://www.Facebook.com

Note:‘http://www.facebook.com‘ is the redirection url,When victim will enter his/her email and password he will redirected to’http://www.facebook.com‘ instead of “http://thecopypasteblog.com

Now Save it.

3.Open Fake page in wordpad

4.Now press ctrl+F and search for the term “action=” now change its value to pass.php i.e. action=pass.php

5.Create an id in www.110mb.com,www.ripway.com or t35.com

6.Then upload the contents into a directory

7.For that,after creating an id you should go to file manager and upload all these files.

8.Then just got to Facebook.htm and try out whether its working .

After you type the file , a password file named pass.txt will be created in the same directory .

you can see what username and password you have entered.

  1. Distribute the Facebook.HTML URL (ie: yoursite.com/Facebook.HTML) to your friends.When they login from this fake login page, the login.php will save the username and password onto the .TXT file (or any other format) in your site. Download the file to see the password inside it.
Rahul BankerFacebook Fake Login Page/Fake Login Script