Easy Way to Secure Your Profile from Sponsored Facebook Advertisements

There has been a recent buzz I saw today on Facebook today while people were typing status updates about how they unliked when Facebook showed their profile in the sponsored stories on Facebook news feed and some users also think that posting a notice on their Facebook wall will protect their copyright and privacy rights. Let me tell you that they’re wrong. Facebook never cares what you have to say unless the government of any country ask them to take that down. Never mind, here’s a quick way to secure your profiles from showing up in the sponsored Facebook Advertisements.

While I was going through my Facebook news feed, I found an interesting image explaining the privacy settings you need to take care of in order to secure your profile against the new facebook advertisements. The image was actually shared by Nameet Potnis. So, all credit goes to him for explaining the settings in a simple way.

Below are the steps you need to take in order to make the correct privacy settings for your facebook profile :
facebook advertisements privacy settings

That’s it from my side as a quick note. I hope this will solve all your queries and always remember, Facebook won’t care about what you write as a status update so think at least once before posting any kind of update which says “writing this will save your profile from going to advertisers”. Never. Take care.

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