1. Risa

        Rahul when i click the link on the first procedure i don`t know where to put the email address… please help me to delete my sisters hacked facebook account >_<

  1. Tasos G.

    Hello Rahul, thanks for this usefull post, but i have a question, when you fill the info in the form, what the approximatelly time that takes the facebook people to send the first confirmation e-mail??

  2. aravind

    Hello rahul i am thankfull to you in deletion of my old facebook account

    1. nisha

      can u tell me ow u deleted ur account? coz i couldnt delete mine.. :(

  3. jatinder bhullar

    hey rahul… someone has hacked my friends account on facebook. and what that person did is..the email account that my friend use to login to facebook with also doesnt exist on facebook im guessing the hacker changed all the settings and also the email address… so i have no clue what email that persons using… and there sending weird messeges to all my friends n family members… I;ve done you said above… what the hacker is doing now…there keep deactivating the account and keep activating after certain period of time… i reported it to facebook by copying the link n entered another email address… its been 4 days the facebook people havnt got back to my friend… i think i sent them about 5 emails now but no reply from them… so whats the next step… we really gotta get that account deleted asap…



    1. pinky gupta

      hey jatinder can u plzzz reply me how to proceed further for deleting the account… same case happening wid me….. plz help me as soon as possible….

    2. chanda

      hey jatinder can u also reply me how to proceed further for deleting this a/c..my email. id = chandni,panwar006.cp@gmail.com



  5. ash

    m still not getting how to delete my hacked account..??
    pls help me bhaiya..??


  6. Few days ago my facebook id was hacked and now this post helped me to get rid of it…………….thanks rahul thanks a lot……………..you are really a blogging master

  7. H. Katz

    I've also been hacked, but every time i try to regain access i have to wait a 24hours, but by that time the hacker has already been alerted… is there any other way to go around that.

  8. bhavu

    hey some idiot hacked my account day before hes chatting with all my frndz!!! i want to delete my account immediately help me plz ! am scared if he wud misuse my pics

  9. naila ahmed

    how to delete hacked fb Account….
    this one is what i was looking for. my ID is hacked but i didn't find the link http://www.facebook.com/hacked
    instead of this login page was appearing…
    please help me…

  10. Isvaran

    Hai Rahul.. My profile has been hacked by someone.. I tried your procedure.. There are no such blocks for your procedure no. 2 & no. 3. Please explain. Thank you brother.

    1. princess kukreja

      meri id kisi n hake ki h ………….plz help me

  11. nisha

    hello rahul! im not able to follow d steps.. couldnt make it.. could u help me?__

  12. asad

    Hi rahul you can help me to a facebook fakelogin page

  13. Arenan

    when i clicked the link it didnt show up as you said like enter 2 emails instead it showed Report Compromised Account

  14. justin

    thanx alot ! It helped me alot ! Awsume good job ! Keep it up ! I like it

  15. anamika sharma

    Please Help deleting this fake profile. Somebody has stolen my pic’s and has created a fake profile and harassing his/her by sending illegal messages and friend request to her friends from this fake account. now i had already reported this account as abused..bt nthng is happening.plzzzzzzzz http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002116658468&sk=info

  16. ramya


    recently my gmail & facebook has been hacked.the idiot hacker changed the password and recovery id for both gmail and facebook. if i try to recover my pwd, its going to the hacked gmail account.
    i seen ur procedures, but i cant able to delete the account.
    1. when i clicked on the link, it went to report compramised account.
    2. in report compramised page, it asks for identify the account.
    3. after i gave the email id of hacked pwd, it asks me to press reset pwd.
    4. but reset pwd is going to my hacked gmail.

    please help me.. im afraid wheather he will misuse my photos. and please if you have any idea to recover my gmail,please tell me. im having all my personal and important data’s in the id. HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. pooja

    my account is hacked …plz help me

  18. Monish

    hey man update it its no longer working plz post new methods …thanks

  19. pinky gupta

    my fb accnt has been hacked and i dont know the email id of that accnt then how can i delete my accnt permanently plz reply as soon as possible…..


  20. Seriously telling you Rahul..a great Thanx…a month ago one of my friend's girl profile was hacked and the hacker really screwed up her profile..and at last we have to boast of a cyber crime case to stop him out.At that time I was helpless but if this time it happens I will help others too…and it will happen bcz of you dear..keep it up
    My recent post Windows 7 to Android | Tips to Convert

  21. alok0077

    oppps its working…………………dude

  22. Farhan

    this process is not available now ,, but i need it badly!!

  23. houdine

    They are asking me to answer a security question..

  24. vaishali jain

    hey ur info is good but I not able to use it,,,please help me to remove my hacked account ,,,it is used negatively by the hacker and he or she is destroying my image badly by sending weird messages and also invited for bad video calls…please revert back if you can spare some of ur precious time,,thankyu..v

  25. Sagar

    My acc. Was hacked by unknwn person what can i do? He/she delete my url and my mobile number.

  26. Sagar malhotra

    Plz tell me how to delete my hacked facebook account?

  27. tyagi

    i tried it,but it says"LOG IN FROM A RECOGNISED DEVICE"………what should i do now?????


  28. hi rahul my sister account has been hacked by one of her college mates n he started sharing pics with him so plzz help me to remive the account.


  29. hi rahul.. very well written article.. I am learning step by step to delete the facebook account as you described above. Is there anything to find out the hacker's ID?

  30. sara

    Hi… Is it necessary to make a new email ID while I have access to my old one?what do you mean by 5th step?reply negativly???

  31. Yashi

    The link u asked to clik isnt working…m nt geting where to type the email adres plz help…

  32. michaelsim

    when i click the "visit this link" how can it forwards me to the facebook help center? i need to delete my account bec. it got hacked. i need help

  33. Jun

    Hi Rahul,

    Please help me to delete or remove the profile of my wife FB account.
    somebody hack that account. my wife cannot login in anymore, they change already the email address
    all the settings. they already posting some malicious and scandalous messages. please help me..urgent.. thanks.

    here is the facebook pages of my wife .. http://www.facebook.com/#!/bev.623

    your help is very much appreaciated.


  34. kanta

    Someone named Rahul set up a FB account using MY email address.
    I cannot imagine why…our names are certainly not similar.
    What can I do?
    I am not on FB nor do I choose to be.
    Thanks, kanta

  35. Rohit kabdwal

    seems like its time to delete my several fb accounts.., great article rahul

  36. Jess

    Can someone help me delete my Facebook it's been hacked. They were able gain complete control but now it's been locked.

  37. Jess

    Can someone help me delete my Facebook it's been hacked. They were able gain complete control but now it's been locked.

  38. ala

    hello harul,
    i tried to follow the steps, but i coudnt complete because my hotmail account; the account i login to facebook is already hacked ! the one who hacked it changed my password in facebook and sat all the options to public !!
    :(( cant access my email cant access my facebook ! cant even find anyone to help in solving this issue, how can i contact the facebook team ? :((

  39. michelle tlc

    Thank you so much that my account was back!! Thank you.: )

  40. Noor

    please my sisters account on facebook had been hacked, the hacker changed my sister email and the password to access the account. But I know the new email without password. Please help me how to block and delete this account to avoid what the hacker publish.

  41. Naved

    Bhai mera acount kisi ne hack kr liya or usse mere sb frnds se bate krta he aaj bhi :( me wo id block krna chahta hu nhi hoti

  42. Simon


    A friends account was hacked with everything updated including email address to login, password, security questions everything. So when i enter the email address it doesn’t recognize anything

  43. wax

    please help me my fb account is hacked and the person who hack my account it says connected in cp. i dont know how i can deleted my account..


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