1. i think a key piece of advice is to tell people to put garbage in so garbage comes out, in other words never put real information into a place on the web like facebook, always be off on birthdays and other key pieces of info, use temp emails to setup accounts to avoid spam
    i mean who really cares about data deletion if all the data is bad, plus once it spreads then they will quit collecting it because they will get no results form bad data
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  2. iman

    really need your help to decrypt this two encrypted password..u really need to help me…plez..
    plez help me..i,ll appreciate if u help me…respon to my email a.s.a.p..
    plezzz help me

  3. Nicawho

    Is it entirely deleted from the Facebook server? I find that hard to believe they will allow it to be removed.

  4. Sayed Hashim

    delete, remove my face book account permanently now.


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