Few Quick and Simple Ways to Decrease Loading Time of a Wordpress Blog

As said by some WordPress experts, site loading time plays a big role in SEO and in indexing your WordPress blog in search engines and as it is an important aspect, a blogger must not overlook this and try to check the page loading time and see what improvements can be done in its betterment. Here in this article, you will find those quick ways to increase the WordPress site loading speed.

The most easiest and popular way to decrease the WordPress loading time is by caching it. Database queries can be cached with DB Cache Reloaded, PHP can be speed up with a bytecode cache such as APC or eAccelerator, and the rendered pages can be cached with WP Super Cache or Varnish.

Below are those quick steps with which you can decrease the page loading time significantly :

  1. Cache your blog
  2. Use smaller pictures — and upload them as small files instead of having your blog platform compress them on the fly.
  3. Remove unnecessary plugins. (Replace buggy plugins with solid ones)
  4. Use sprites. ( Check cSprites Plugin)
  5. Use a CDN. (Serve static content from a CDN like Amazon Cloud Front).
  6. Use as little dynamic content as possible. (Remove unnecessary Database calls)
  7. Move your scripts from your header to your footers (doesn’t really make a difference, but the user experience can be vastly improved)
  8. Use compression. (Gzip etcetera)

If you have a lot of control over your server then think about replacing Apache with a faster and more efficient webserver such as nginx or Litespeed. Your static text files like JavaScript and CSS can be shrunk using a bit of software called Minify, and make sure you have gzip enabled for text data for faster download speeds (or, let a CDN take it over for you).

Throwing more memory and CPU power is an easy quick fix, but this should be done only when you’ve trimmed the fat elsewhere else the problem will only rear its head in the future.

Having said that, there is no silver bullet to increase the speed of a WordPress blog. You have to consistently monitor and optimize various elements – as noted in previous answers.

So, whatโ€™s your way? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. I was using cahe…but if you see in alexa it says the same about all the site….
    Thanks now installing more plugins cS n all…


  2. Hi Rahul,

    Seen CDN in a couple of places and you also have suggested. I need to learn more about it. Do we need to create an account or need to install some script in our hosting? Sorry, the question might be very dumb because I don't know anything about it. I've seen cdn.domain.com type of uses in some of the websites.
    My recent post Enough is Enough Please No More Guest Post


  3. CDN will really help a lot if your traffic is increasing day by day.


  4. Very useful tips.I'm using CloudFlare it helps to load site faster.


  5. Is cSprites Plugin compatible with latest WordPress?


  6. We can remove useless plugins in order to make our blog load fast.


  7. Rahul, can you please tell me that using CSS sprites and Iframes make a blog load slow? And are they good for my SEO?


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