Finally Back to Blogging! What I’ve learned About Creating Meaningful Work?

It has been a crazy time since last 4 months and as you must have noticed, I’ve been off track for long, not just 4 months but looks like it is for more than a year, it has been a crazy time as I put it and this time has taught me a lot while I found ample time to take decisions and also think about purpose of life. I have noted down few points about creating meaningful work which to me is the most important thing and here is how I put it before you :

I’ve been blogging for more than 4 years now and in those 4 years, I’ve created plenty of blogs for different topics but what I’ve realized is that there was hardly 40% of work which I did was meaningful. Of all the work I did, of all the words I published, of all the articles I shared, major amount of those things were not meaningful in simple words. They were mostly advertising stuff or low quality articles which probably added no value to people. Now you’d ask me what do I mean by “meaningful work”?

Rahul Banker

Well, by meaningful work, what I mean is that am I creating something which adds value or something which is increasing knowledge of the person who is reading it. I’ve seen blogs covering the same news as the other sites have already covered and I think this is normal because in the current world, information is so easily accessible that it spreads so quickly and there’s no harm in blogs covering the same story but the thing is that, are they adding something to the story or just speaking the same words as the others did? Isn’t this a waste of time and resource? No doubt a particular blog has their dedicated readers to satisfy but still, what’s so harmful about adding some more info to a story being published?

I’ve been a blogger myself and I know how scary it is to work for yourself. You can blame it on someone else if you were working for someone else but when you work for yourself, you have no escape plan, no excuses but to be responsible for everything and this is my realization so far. I’ve been on this path for more than 4 years now mostly writing about stuff and creating websites, but I’ve started handful of ventures and they’ve all failed so far. I’ve also started businesses which did well but ended up closing down. It is amazing how easy it is to create a business you hate and then it’s only your fault.

Throughout the journey, I’ve learned a few things not just about working for yourself but also about how to enjoy working :

Make a start

Don’t think too much before starting something or else you might want to call off that idea sooner or later. The secret lies in starting. Every huge idea can be boiled down to a smaller one and can be worked upon. It doesn’t matter if it fails later. It is okay to Fail but fail fast! Just start now. I wanted to start an e-commerce venture and I thought too much about it and it turns out that I decided to trash the idea. But on the other hand, I always wanted to write a book and I did start doing it and today, I’m already halfway through it.

Keep Experimenting

Whenever I’m starting something new, I consider it as an experiment and not a complete business venture. This is because experiments never fail, they give results. May it be negative or positive, doesn’t matter. They almost always show which idea is not worth pursuing. The Bhagavad Gita says something similar—that we are not entitled to the fruits of our labour, but only to the labour itself.

Create your own Path

There is no guarantee of success in any business so no matter how easy or difficult your business model is, you never know when it’ll succeed or when it won’t.  Since it’s not a sure thing either way, why not do things your way? I guarantee it’ll be way more meaningful, too.

Stay Consistent, Show up

Even while I was away from my regular work, traveling or busy hosting events or speaking at some conferences, I still found my way back at the end of the day and I made sure that I at least write 300 words about anything I feel like writing and this has made me stay connected to my work. I’ve already done this for a year now and most of the words I wrote were of no meaning or nowhere connected. But that’s ok. But unless I show up to work at what I do as often as possible, there’s no hope that inspiration will show up as well. And some days, when I think I’m horribly uninspired, my best work flows out.

The moment you start working on a business ideas, you’re definitely going to have goals, dreams and big plans but what matters is that you stay focused on whatever you’ve been doing. The more present, active and consistent you can be with your work, the more actual work you’ll get done.

Never Judge or Compare yourself

Whenever I’m working, I’ll always have a few social media tabs open in my browser and it does distract me at times but I think I am fine with it as long as I don’t hate it completely and try to change it. We troll the internet to see what other people are doing so that we can judge our work by comparing it to theirs. If they’re further along than we are, we tell ourselves we’ll never get to where they are. And this keeps us from starting our own thing.

To me, there is nothing to compare about and there’s nothing like competition because everyone is different and they’re all doing their work in their own manner. We also judge ourselves, often too harshly. We need to fall out of love with our inner critic—because it rarely, if ever, serves us.

Think Big, Start small

Imagine if you had “Writing a book” in your to-do list and you’d keep looking at it for a few months and get frustrated because you can’t check it off! It is important to breakdown bigger tasks to small parts and mark those small parts down from your to-do list as you complete them. This keeps you motivated enough to achieve the final big task.

Just because you’re Busy, doesn’t mean you’re Productive

I used to work my ass-off writing and creating new websites but then I realized I was multi-tasking and that was getting me nowhere. It was actually killing my time which otherwise I’d spend going outside, hanging out with friends, traveling or learning music. So I began focusing on how I could get my work done in the most efficient way and still spare time for myself. Work smarter, not more. And the best part is, the more you are present and focused, the quicker the work gets done.

And finally, we’re horrible liars. Our intentions are clearly seen by others and most of the times we’re just lying to ourselves. That is the reason why a sales pitch is just a sales pitch and nothing more than that. That is the reason why we can differentiate between a TV commercial and short TV shows.

Your work should shout about your intentions and your ideas and your focus. We can innately see what the other person is really after. So why not be after something good?

Someone has said “Whatever level you reach, getting better never stops” and I learn from whatever I work, everyday and I’m thankful to it.

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  1. It’s good to see you back Rahul 🙂

    Yes! I completely agree with the multitasking issue, it always stops you with delivering your best. Recently, I had also started wiping off all those sites which, I had created in the last 4 years. I am now a days, focusing on just two sites, this had made me far more productive than the earlier, and results are quite impressive.


    1. and out of those 2 sites, I don’t know which is the other one but trust me, I’ve recommended one of those site which I know you handle to more than 100 people personally by now! I completely love the way you’re handling that one! 🙂


      1. Oh Rahul! are you born with the some magical ability to make people’s day special or you’ve taken some crash course ?

        Really man, I’m out of words to thank you for your kind efforts, but yes I assure you today that we’ll try our best to give you another 100 reasons, to recommend it to further thousands of people around you!

        And yes I trust you and looking forward for more articles from you, I suggest you to write more motivational articles, as you’re quite good at writing them off 🙂


        1. well actually I’m born with no special ability unfortunately and haven’t been to any course as well due to lack of time as you see 😀 (ha-ha)

          jokes apart, I recommend only those things which I personally like. So I’m always happy to do so!

          I’ve been thinking too, about writing motivational articles, let’s see how far it takes me this time.


  2. I’d like to say, Blogging is your main platform and the only thing which is why you reached here. This is exactly what me and almost everyone in your circle wanted to see in you. I’m absolutely glad that you’re back on the Track.

    Apart from this, you had committed the same thing many times in your past. So, I just would like to tell you one thing, don’t let you mind distracted with other irrelevant things. Stay focused on one thing, WORK!

    God bless!


  3. Hey there!

    Welcome back to work, Rahul. I can’t even stress how insightful the article was, I swear!

    One of the reasons I liked it is because I could relate all that to myself! Yeah, my blog is sitting idle since a couple of months as well! 🙁

    I especially loved the line “Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you’re productive!”

    high-five on that!

    Enough of delaying work, what actually matters. Let’s pull ourselves back together and beat the shit out of procrastination!

    Let’s do it! 😀


    1. Ya, let’s do it, enough of all the bullshit and distractions. Time to rock the world, all over again!


  4. Wooo professional blogger of baroda came again into blogging 😀 Great News… Good Luck.. Hope to get some cool stuff overhere..


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