The Copy Paste Blog Turns 5 : How it Reformed me as a Person!

It just feels like yesterday when on a nice morning of 1st January 2010 I was notifying my friends on Facebook about my new blog which had a weird design and everything was with a black background. Little did K now about design back then and from those days of weirdness to here I am today, spending some of the best days of my life and as I cherish these Five years, I thought I’d share some of the insights into what happened in these Five years. So, let’s grab a glass of wine and enjoy it together πŸ™‚

It was the second year of my college and mobile phones were still not so much in trend here in India and those who had it were showing them off and it was also the era of 2G mobile networks and that everyone wanted to have it and no one could afford it being a college student. So, me and a couple of friends tried different ways to find a way around and get it for free and we succeeded for a period of 6 months and that is when I found out a guy who invited me to share those tricks on to a blog he was running and after sharing a blog post there for a couple of times, It struck me that why not my own blog? And that is how The Copy Paste Blog was born.

It was just a sheer passion of sharing tips and tricks with others around and with no intention of any growth or earning money out of it. I had no idea how to set things up and didn’t know anything more than HTML to create a website and that is when I got in touch with Jaspal Singh from who introduced me to WordPress, the easiest platform to create websites in no time and then over the years I kept learning more and more into it.

The first year of TCPB was all about sharing Internet tips and some little hacks which evolved me as a blogger. I started writing a lot better articles and I started connecting to a lot of people. Just after a year and a bit more, I got my first opportunity to speak at an event called WordCamp which is a WordPress conference Β which happens only once a year in India and I was the youngest speaker speaking from that stage ever at the age of 22! That speaking opportunity and stage made me the top blogger in Gujarat and ranked me in the list of top bloggers of India and that was something to be proud of.

I kept getting speaking opportunities after my first break and I kept getting better and better. In its third year, it was a dream run for TCPB and I was at my peak and that is when I realized I should be pushing myself further and invest more of my time in a few new things and then I started learning to code, I started SkotGat along with my team of awesome guys like Suyash and Kshitij, the wonder kids! With my dream run, SkotGat was also a hit in its initial stage.

After SkotGat and after gaining a lot of experience of speaking from the stage, I then organized a WordCamp, one of the most successful WordCamp this country ever witnessed which was followed by its second season as well which witnessed the best speaker list of WordCamps in India so far. I so wish I could organize it for the third time but have a few bridges to cross before getting final permissions.

This year, along with a new team I launched Witiby, a social platform to share e-commerce deals in India and it is on its way to a successful run as well. More to it, I also become a GDG Organizer, which itself is a proud thing for me.

So, talking about how all these happenings made me a better person I’d say that I never imagined reaching places and becoming a person I am today if it was not for few reasons why I started all of these in first place. It was all because I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to do something on my own. I never felt like working for someone. Though being an entrepreneur is more or less working with immense pressure but I enjoy every bit of it.

I was “just another guy” in college 5 years before TCPB happened and now I am a person who is proud of himself. I have made friends in every part of this world and I am so happy to keep in touch with them all the time. I worked with some awesome people and I’ve met some incredible souls. I traveled places in these 5 years and that made me realize how much I enjoy traveling and not just being a tourist. And oh yes, I waited more than 5 years for someone and I am still happily waiting for her, I’ll continue to do so.

In this journey so far, I am so thankful to so many people. Here I’d like to name a few : Vishal Gaikar for publishing my very first post on his blog, Jaspal Singh for helping me setup TCPB in December 2009, Gaurav Singh for inviting me to speak at WordCamp Jabalpur, WordCamp officials for allowing me to host a WordCamp, Uttam Tripathi and Paresh Mayani for the GDG help, to each and every friend of mine for helping me with their creative comments and criticism, to each and every single reader of this blog. . . thank you for keeping the fire inside me ignited all the time even though I’ve not been regular in my writings here in recent times, Puneet Sahalot who has always helped me with my site issues and designs, to Pranaya and Ankit who are my new friends and now almost a family, to all those people who have helped me in one way or the other. . I hope I have made you smile a little, to a friend who has always been here from the start : Pranay Patel and finally, to that one person who’s the reason behind who and what I am today, for keeping the hopes alive and giving me faith. I really do have a long list of people I’ll always be thankful to but sorry if I missed including a few in this shorter version of it.

Here’s to the time which has gone by and for all the new beginnings and glory yet to be earned. . . wishing you all a very good time, health and success this new year. Cheers and Happy Birthday to me! πŸ˜‰


Rahul Banker

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  1. Incredible journey, incredible passion, incredible you.

    Proud to meet you Rahul.

    My heartiest wishes for 2015. ????


  2. Wow, I loved it πŸ™‚

    Way to go Rahul !

    Cheers, PC


  3. Great! first i want to congratulate for your incredible journey.
    Its was year of 2012 when i am in my 2nd year of engineering that time was searching for some hack related to facebook and i got your site then i read all your post and bookmark your site that time.after a year gone and today i thinking of it what is that website name i know only copyblog something than i google it and i got it by your name rahul and after a long time i am again at your website.


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