That’s how I bypassed the protections of the Wall Street Journal. And now I Read it for Free

No. This time, nothing to do with Anonymous. This time, nothing to do with either the phalanges of geeks who daily fight the most unexplored depths of the network to find errors or bugs of any kind. All it took was a lot less. A simple, easy search on Google to circumvent the protections of the Paywall the most authoritative international business newspaper

read wsj for freeTo read some articles in the online version of the Wall Street Journal have a subscription of $24.99 per month. If you want to enjoy, as well as the digital version, even that paper, the share rises to $29.99 per month. Not too many considering the quality of the magazine. Too bad that just a little ‘cunning in order to access all items, even those protected by the Paywall, without shelling out a measly penny. The trick is simple. And it works. It works so well is that I almost doubt that or you’re a genius, or that they are the incredible beginners. Follow me. Because it’s really very simple.

Go to the Wall Street Journal . The articles protected by Paywall are characterized by a small icon next to the title key. If you click on it you will open a page where you can read only a few lines of preview and you will be required to sign up or if you’ve done to login with your user account. Ignore the message.

Select the title of any one of these items and copy. Go to Google. Paste the title into the search box. Typically, the first search result coincides with the article in the Wall Street Journal that interests you. Click on the link and get a laugh. It appears that you can read the whole article without paying any subscription. So much for security, and who naively Paywall pay.

Concrete example. Take this post titled “Chinese Group, AXA Bid for Club Med” published in the WSJ today. If you have not subscribed, click on the link that appears on the home page of the WSJ will open the associated page preview only.

Go to Google. Paste “Chinese Group, AXA Bid for Club Med” into the search box. See the first result. Click on it. Also welcome you to the club of digital freeloaders. Just a little. Too little. A trivial Google search.

But the catch is not just about Wall Street Journal. The Australian is a newspaper that uses the same system. Try to do the same trick that I have described with protected posts that you find over there. There is no protection that can withstand. At the end, from Google, arrive everywhere.

Then there is one more detail that makes one suspect that the problem is much, much wider than what I have just described. By using this trick Google search seems you can also bypass the protections business that inhibit access to certain websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many others. In practice, if you switch from the search results of Google, these sites magically become accessible. Power of research. Google’s power.

See you soon!


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