Blogging : What do We Know? What have We Learned?

Inspired by a recent movie I watched, there was a line used in that movie which was originally by Steve Jobs : What do we know? What have we learned? and going with that line, I thought of just sum up my journey with blogging so far before I start moving ahead. So, I’m sorry I used the word “We” in the title but here I’m going to share my personal view about blogging and what I know and what I’ve learned so far from it’s ups and downs through last 3 years now. I am sure it’ll be an enjoyable read for you guys!

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What Do we Know?

Blogging is Fun, Free, Easy

If you’ve even a slight bit of idea about what blogging is, you’ll instantly agree that it’s so easy to setup a blog once you get some basic knowledge and idea, it is even easy to write article, post pictures and any other thing you’re looking to blog about. For beginners, it’s even free to setup a blog and in my next article, I’ll cover why you only need a free blog rather than going for a custom blog with domain. Once you start blogging, you definitely realize that it is actually fun to blog. Well, once you start getting famous and earn a good amount of money I mean 😉

Blogging Makes you famous

Continuing from where I left the last point, you definitely know the potential blogging has got. It has got a real potential to make you famous if you’re really good at writing articles. I’d be honest, it has a potential to make you famous even if you’re good at rewriting the articles. Remember, copying from too many sources is actually called research and one has to agree on this point. Blogging can give you tremendous amount of fame, I know, I’ve tasted that and it feels so good. I want to taste it again and again!

Blogging makes you earn hefty salary

I’d be straight and clear on this. It’s a gold mine. Believe me, I’d not even make a mistake of comparing it to any other 9 to 6 job in the current world. If you can spare your 9 to 6 into your blogging rather than at your job, I guarantee you the double of what you’ll make at your job working for 30 days a month or a little less!

Blogging gives you attention, influence

I’ve been one of top 100 influencers of my country from a survey by a site well maybe half a year ago so I know what it feels like to be an influencer and all that was, because of blogging. It makes you a voice amongst your readers, your followers and your group of people and it keeps on increasing if you’re leading them into the right direction. You create intense influence, trust me on that. You actually motivate and inspire people!

What have we learned?

Blogging is not just a hobby or a passion, it’s a business

Undoubtedly, you can not be into blogging if you don’t have passion for that but let’s just agree to it, at the end of the day the only thing counts is how much you make out of the time you spent writing about things. Let’s be honest, everyone needs money. The sooner we accept the fact, the easier it becomes. I used to never care about money but gradually I realized the need of money so then I started thinking about making money from blogging and that’s when I started feeling more enthusiastic about keeping my blog doing well and started a few more blogs and I even succeeded!

Blogging is not just about writing

So you can write well? Why don’t you write a book then? Don’t complain if you’re not making money out of your blogging time. Let me tell you, maybe you already know but I’ve learned it over the time that blogging is not just about writing. You don’t become influencer just by your writing. You need audience, you need targeted traffic and how do you achieve it? It’s so important to learn how to market your articles, it is so important to keep networking and engaging with like minded people in order to grow. It is so important to keep being seen in the world where you’re trying to get noticed! As simple as that 😉

Blogging can not make you easy money

It was never too easy and it’ll never be too easy for you to make money out of blogging. Whenever a newbie ask me how long one should wait before a blog starts making money, I’d answer : at least 6 months. Because that’s the learning period. It’s not about writing articles, you also have to learn about keyword researching, choosing correct topics to write and the most important thing : Timing. It’s easy to say once you start getting traffic, you’ll start making money. It’s not that easy to get traffic to your blog.

Blogging requires a lot of patience

I used to be a guy with no patience and after being into this field for more than 3 years now, one thing I’ve learned is to have patience. No success is overnight. I have learned that Facebook was not an overnight success. No other internet sensation was an overnight success. You need patience, a lot of it and you can only have it once you start learning, start researching and start finding whether whatever you’re doing is leading you to a right path or not.

Well, that’s it from my side. I know this is still not the best of my article as I’m trying to get back to my path but I’m sure it’s going to help you in someway or the other. Till the next time, signing off. Don’t forget to leave your views on what all is going through your mind while you were reading this.



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    i just bought a domain from godaddy.. But now i dun know what to do next.. its just so different frim wordpress..
    Please tell me how to build a blog through it..


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