Why Bloggers Should Lift Weights?

Weight training to me is one of the most suitable exercise for Bloggers. It is not a team sport and doesn’t require much of your time and investment and still it is able to keep you healthy while you work all the time from sitting at just one place.  It’s also a perfect cure for our many occupational illnesses. I’ve always been a big fan of lifting weights and going to gym regularly. It not just keeps me healthy, it also keeps me motivated and fit to work all the time. Here I present you some points why you should go to gym and lift some weights if you’re a blogger!


1. Body Posture

Weight lifting and resistance training help you fix your bad posture and let’s agree that if you’re working on a computer you always complain about body or back pain for sure for long working hours. Good posture means strong spine.

2. Strong Bones

Regular weight lifting sessions increase your bone density. That’s a great result for women especially under risk of osteoporosis.

3. Better Sleep

I can’t explain how good I sleep every night. It just feels like heaven when you get an awesome sleep after a heavy workout day at the gym and I’ve always enjoyed that. I never complain about lack of sleep as me being a regular gym goer.

4. Feeling Better and Remove Stress

Any type of sport increases serotonin levels which also known as happiness hormone. With a combination of weight training and cardio your body maximizes serotonin releasing. That will be your best therapy session in tight deadlines.

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5. Improve Your Focus

If you have trouble focusing on one thing for a longer time, weight lifting can help you. You learn draw attention to one point with weight training because you must focus on dumbbells, barbells and your target muscles for an effective training.

6. Sex Quality

And in the end, After a good weight training, your testosterone level starts to rise and it continues increasing during day. Guess who will be most happy for that? Your bedmate.


Of course this applies not just to bloggers but anyone who has long working hours on the desk.  So what’s your excuse to not open that fit body guide pdf that’s collecting dust in your non-blogging folders. What’s your say? 😉

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  1. I guess we all should, I like 6-th point the best 😀


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