The Biggest Smartphone War Ever : What Would You Choose?

As I see it for myself, it’s becoming really difficult to choose a smartphone for yourself if you have a high budget and with the smartphones coming and getting released every other day, it becomes too confusing to choose the best for yourself especially when you’re going to use it for a longer time. What do you do? Do you compare the smartphones and choose the best, yes, you’d probably do that. Here I present you the comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Experia Z, Blackberry Z10, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Note 2 that’ll make things easier for you.


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Looking at the specs above, it indeed looks a tough choice to make between which device to go for and of course you can’t just buy them all unless you’re that one rich guy (:P). Never mind, so let me quickly get you through this one and tell you if I were to choose a device, what I’d do and yeah, I’m also looking forward to get myself a new phone so this is going to be helpful to me as well to make up my mind.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has an advantage of the processor but do you really need that much of a power in your phone? Isn’t that too much? and did you see that it still lags with all these power? Yeah, it does. Samsung Galaxy S3, looks an impressive phone and has to offer all what you need in your next smartphone but slightly outdated as you’d like to call it as. Moving on to Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I’d reject it at the first instance because I feel that it’s too big for my normal pockets. Sorry, Samsung!

Next is HTC One and I’m already impressed by this pure Aluminium beauty. It has all what you need, the most clear display amongst all the phones. HTC One is the phone, I’d like to bet my money on. The price of this phone has not been announced yet but that’s one factor which HTC would love to bank on because if they can manage to keep the prices low, it’s surely winning this war.

Sony Experia Z, again a good phone with specs almost the same as HTC One and a better camera and a good feature : It’s a waterproof phone. With all these feature, I think it’s fairly priced but it might look a bit overpriced if you compare the price with the other smartphones listed here. Priced at $849.

iPhone 5, having the amazingly closed ecosystem by Apple as iOS, this phone is of course breaking the sales records and profit sheets but yes, now there has been rumours of iPhone 6, you’d probably like to wait a few months if you are really wanting to go for Apple for its top notch built quality and closed ecosystem.

Nokia Lumia 920! Oh, I personally love this beast and I so wanted to get one for myself but this smartphone war is the thing which is stopping me from getting one. It has one of the best camera in the smartphone yet and looks like a powerful phone and a beautiful OS but the only thing stopping me : Less number of apps in the WP8 app store?

and the last, Blackberry Z10 stuffed with the all new Blackberry 10 OS, this phone has to offer a new interface and said to be the first all touch screen phone by Blackberry. The OS is pretty much redefined with new keyboard, Camera options, You can watch the Blackberry Z10 video review for more. Don’t ask but I’d never go for a Blackberry. Fairly priced but I unlike the ecosystem. Android and iOS are the real warriors.

So, as per the above comments I can clearly see myself leaning towards 2 devices : HTC One and Nokia Lumia 920. If I had to choose one? Well, I’d deal on HTC One. Definitely waiting for HTC to announce the prices and if they manage to put it well, it’ll be really interesting to see this smartphone war going in their favor because this time, HTC has really introduced an amazing device.

I hope this article must have cleared your research a bit about getting your next smartphone? I’d be glad if you can spare a moment to comment on this article and also let me know if you’re buying a new phone, which one would you go for?

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