Apple TV Now Available in India : Priced at INR 7900

The news of the day is that Apple has quietly updated it’s India site and launched Apple TV in India officially at a cost of INR 7900. Though, it has not made it to the retail stores yet in India, at least it will now be available in those stores coming this weekend hopefully. Thing to be noted here is that Apple has already launched the iTunes store in India a couple of months back allowing users to purchase Music, Movies and TV shows and now, those purchased items can be watched on the Apple TV now.


Apple tv in india

Apple TV is a digital box that brings iTunes Store content to televisions and also helps connect iDevices to the bigger display with AirPlay.  Apple TV has long been rumoured for Indian release, but was never officially confirmed. The imminently launching Apple TV is apparently not the speculated Apple device which is being tested by its maker.

The device measures 23mm x 98mm x 98mm and weights 272 grams.It is powered by Apple’s single-core A5 chip and supports streaming contents from YouTube and iTunes Stores up to 1080p high definition, and the  AirPlay feature of Apple TV will allow the user to stream the content from their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch onto their Television set.

Though, the thing to note again here is that there are many a sellers on ebay selling it at a  price which is cheaper than the official price. You can try searching for a better price. I am going to get my hands on to this Apple device. Are you?

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  1. Seems that Apple guys are acting aggressively on India market, good that they finally recognized the potential of India.. Wish they will be more competitive in terms of pricing..


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