Apple CEO Tim Cook Says He is Proud to Be Gay!

In a breaking news coming out from New York is that In an essay written for Bloomberg Businessweek, Cook says that while he never denied his sexuality, he never publicly acknowledged it, either. Cook says that for years he’s been open with many people about his sexual orientation and that plenty of his Apple colleagues know he is gay.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Gay

“As a state, we took too long to take steps toward equality,” he said. “We were too slow on equality for African-Americans. We were too slow on interracial marriage. And we are still too slow on equality for the LGBT community.”

Cook then moved to his second issue, pointing out that in Alabama, it is still legal for employees to be fired based on their sexual orientation. He called the state’s pace in addressing that issue “still too slow.”

Here’s a part of his speech :

Cook wrote in the column published Thursday that it wasn’t an easy choice to publicly disclose that he is gay but felt that his declaration could potentially help others.
The executive said he will continue to focus on being the best CEO he can be and will personally continue to advocate for equality for all people.

To me, I appreciate the openness and there’s nothing wrong in accepting your sexual identity. What do you think?

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