All You Need To Know About iPhone 4

apple-full One of the giant in the technology world and smartphone world as well, Apple. Launched its latest and probably the best smartphone in the world and named it as : The iPhone 4 ! Here at, I am bringing you the best review of this phone studded with all features. So, Enjoy !

This iPhone 4 has the worldโ€™s latest OS called iOS4 which has 1500 new upgradation from the previous OS of iPhone 3G ! Below are some of the specifications of the new iPhone 4.

iphone 4

Tech Specs

  1. 24% Thinner than iPhone 3G (9.3 mm depth)
  2. Dual camera (front and rear)
  3. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS
  4. 960 * 640 display with 360 ppi
  5. 300 hours of battery stand-by

Main Features

Well this new iPhone has some of the very exciting features including video calling and video recording.

This new iPhone has Retina displa. With its 960*640 display and 360 pixel per inch, makes it the highest resolution phone ever. The normal human eye can distinguish only till 300ppi so this makes the graphics vivid.

retina iphone

It has one more interesting feature which is named as FaceTime. With faceTime, Video calling via iPhone is possible but it is possible only through wi-fi. For more info about this feature, watch the video below.

There are many more exciting features coming up in the next iPhone 4. Check out this link for more details and the video below to unleash and explore the full power of iPhone 4 !

The iPhone 16 GB is priced at 199$ and the 32GB is priced at 299$ ! So, Are you going to put your hands on it ? ๐Ÿ˜›


  1. At the time of iPhone release i heard that it doesnt has the message forwarding capability.Does this version of iPhone has that capabilities ??
    A post on iPhone 4


    1. In the update from iOS3 to iOS4 , i am not sure but it must have this update as it is an important one ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. thanks for the run down on the specs. I hear that new carriers besides AT&T are coming soon too. Is that true?


    1. well, for now it has been only announced as a bundle with AT&T for 2 years contract ! But even i would like to have more carriers for a healthy competition !


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